May 15, 2015

Water to Garden Essay For Class 6

Water is the most important for survival of all living things on this planet. That's why it is made available in abundance by God. So water is also very important to plants.

Water starts the life of a plant by opening ourter coat of a plant seed. We should put our thirst on the lips of the plant and then we should feel about daily need of water for plant. At start of the mornging we used to take a glass of water and forget about our plants in the garden or those in the house campus. We should look in depth the dassing look of the plant when we water on its leaves. The green color of the leaves become more attractive after bathing in water. The dust lying on the leaves washed away thereby opening all the pores of the leaves. We are not aware about the quantitiy of water pumped to the atomspere by the plants. Do you know it is around 100 billion (tons) in a year. We get these water in return. Our life is because of the rain. It is rain which grows grains for our life. And it is the plant that plays big role in creating rain. So we can easily guess the importance of watering plant. Plants make their food through photosynthesis and water is a compulsory substance in this process. If plant don't perform photosynthesis properly then there would be no food and no oxygen. It is not necessary to say about our need of oxygen. It is just enough to say that at every breadth we need it.

We should water to plant regulary. Watering plant should be taken as worship for our survival. They need care such as we care our children everyday. We should feel their thirst. If we observe them carefully then it will feel as they are asking water from us. The problem is that we seldom look the daily condition of the plants because of our buisy schedule. Let us make a resolution to water plants daily.

Three lines by satyam jha
If we put water in garden then plant can grow up and it will look very beautiful and it is our duties to give water to plant e.g if we put water at garden than it recive water ,sunlight,air and it will gave us more flower and it look many dassing while seeing that, never forget to give water in palnt or at garden

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