Jun 26, 2015

Social Worker Essay For Class 9

Social workers provide support to the people who are socially excluded and have crisis of life resources. They cannot stand in the society with their own effort and knowledge, therefore these people need help of social workers ; who connect them for useful services available in a society, organisation, countries etc.

They also sometimes act as guide. Social workers work within available framework of law and procedures. For example blood donating is a legal works, therefore social blood donors remain in a group or system to provide blood to the needy people. Sometime big hospital come forward to run a free health check up for poor. All these are the examples of social work.

We must think total development . The poor and common man can't be left behind. We must live for social contribution. A society can't be happy with suffering of a group of people. Therefore social workers must be at every corner because all works can't be defined with 100% of rules and norms of a country. There remains many cases out of norms that must be handled by social workers.

Free education is a great social work; which can be done for removing illiteracy from our society. Thereafter many online services are made available by government in many countries. But it is hard to utilize this opportunity by poor and common people also. Poor people has no personal internet access. Therefore there should be a social organisation; which can make free utilisation of these opportunities for poor. This service should be given by government to support the needy people. Many organisations have started these type of services but those are not free. Therefore this work can not be regarded as social work. In India there are a system available to complain at ministry level for grievances at pgportal.gov.in but poor people are completely unaware of this service. Even common man don't fully know its use and benefit. A social work can be organised preferably at village level for grievances of the people. Because it is more important for any government to know that benefits of their policies are reaching to the bottom or not. Social workers may be employed by any private organisation to connect these type of people or communities with the government.

I think creating opportunity is not sufficient. The disparity is as prominent that it is hard to push benefits up to common man's level. Any policy should be thought for its reach, execution success and analysis. We are living with computerized people and illiterate people. So the work of social groups becomes more challenging.

Payment of social worker depends on the type of social work anybody is attached to. In western countries it is in the range of $1700 to $3000 per month. In India our labour salary is not up to this level in unorganised sector. We need to made agricultural job lucrative to retain labourers in villages. Our one important problem out of many is that the set salary for labour class people are not going completely into their pocket. It is deducted as a commission by middlemen. Here social workers have big role to execute and to nullify middlemen and to create transparent system for labour class.

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