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Jan 15, 2016

Essay on Body Language For Grade 5

198 Words Essay by : Kareem Ghawi Abbas

Most people are communicated not through words but through body language. This includes their postures, gestures and facial expressions. Because body language is very important, you will to know how to interpret other people's, too.

Interpretations may differ a bit in some cultures. For example, the shoulder shrug is a good example of a universal gesture that is used to show that a person does not know or understand what you are talking about. It is a multiple gesture that has three main parts: exposed palms, hunched shoulders and raised brow. The ring or ""OK"" meaning is common to all English-speaking countries and it means ""All correct"". In Britain, the thumb-up gesture has three meanings, it is commonly used by hitch-hikers who are thumbing a lift, it is an OK signal, and when the thumb is jerked sharply upwards it becomes an insult signal, meaning ‘up yours’ or ‘sit on this’. In some countries, such as Greece, its main meaning is ‘get stuffed’. Hand gestures can mean a person is interested in conversation. However, people sometimes express more through body language than through words. Those might be nervous or angry at you or feel superior to you.

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