Jan 15, 2016

Essay on 'Picnic in the Park' For Class 10

Medium height well decorated tree in a park.

“Let’s go somewhere, I’m bored”, Kayla exclaimed. “I think going for a picnic would be a good idea and it would be a refreshing one”, said Sheena. I started contemplating the good old days of going to a picnic in a park.

Those were the good old days when technology didn’t tamper with our lifestyle. Picnics and family gatherings strengthened bonds and increased love for each other. But now a day’s going to picnic is hardly been seen because parents don’t have time for children and children’s are captivated in technology.

Whilst I was thinking of what would be the picnic menu because a good picnic means a good lip smacking food. Food is the cherry on the cake of every picnic.

I being a major foodie decided the menu to be salads, fruit juices, bagel, sandwiches and cakes. After deciding this all, we headed for the preparation. Mom made everything delicious and she brought the good old big picnic basket and she stuffed everything in it.

After everything was prepared we headed to a park. The park had a view of a lake, the breeze was calming our minds and it made an amazing atmosphere. The children in our family started playing and it was ear soothing to hear their joy and laughter.

We started having the delicious food and everyone appreciated how everything was prepared. Uncle Sam smirked and told mom that she should start a picnic catering business. Kayla and Sheena decided to play truth or dare and everyone joined them. So the game starts by spinning the bottle and to whomever the bottle stops at, they should either say a truth or act a dare. Through this game I got to know that mom bunked a class to watch her favorite actor’s movie and Uncle Sam wore a dress for a play. It was really funny to know their secrets. Aunt Lara took a dare of enacting Uncle Sam’s behavior.

The park revealed everything about life. It showed the love in couples, the joy in children and the commitment in old people. It showed us nature; how the birds built their nest with utmost delicacy, how squirrels gathered nuts for winter and how autumn leaves, fell indicating us that time waits for none.

The park also had a boat riding, so Sheena and Kayla opted for boat riding, where the boat took them to a nearby island. After returning, both the girls told us that the island had a bird sanctuary with all the birds from all over the world.

The park also had an extraordinary feature which made it a special one. Across the bushes, on the porch, there was a statue of a woman and beneath it an epitaph which said “For you, because you are more than my own life”.

The owner of the park had made it in remembrance of his wife Rose who died in a plane crash. He made that in order to tell the world that love exists and it does not require mortality for fulfillment. Love remains forever because love is not only of presence but of remembrance.

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