Jan 8, 2016

Essay on Importance of Friendship For Class 5

190 Words Essay by : Kareem Ghawi Abbas

A friendship is a great, moral and human value. It has religious meanings, sublime beauty and great respect by which the life outshines and elevates. Without friendship, we lose the truthfulness. It's full correlation and harmony in the relationship feelings and emotions between individuals.

God created human being not to live alone, but to interact with people around him and form an integrated society. Friendship gives us a sense of warmth and comfort, especially if we improve our choice and distinguish the best friends because the bad friendship ends as quickly as soap bubble ends. Friendship makes life beautiful because it serves the soul , the body and the mind. We have to make friends and work to maintain our relations because a friend in need is a friend indeed.

It is known that the lack of friendships and relationships with people and friends may generate depression, illness, mental stress and a lot of physical and mental health problems . Sitting solo is a physical and psychological penalty for one; who is healthy and passing normal life. Friends are the mirror of personal test, behaviour, interactive qualities, sense of humor etc with which we score for achieving objective of our life.

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