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Essay My aim in life To become a Software Engineer.

Technology is the greatest achievement of mankind. It has constantly been evolving, each time making us a more advanced species. Children from a very small age are frequently using electronic gadgets. They play, explore and know every single working operation of their favourite phones and laptops. So naturally, many love to learn, study and are curious about the inner workings of computers. Career options these days not only are far more exciting but bring in quick and tremendous success. The most favouriteand trending job of the world today and especially in our country is Software Development. Due to this passion of Indians towards the profession, multiple technological companies have set up camp here giving jobs to hundreds and thousands of people every day. This industry constantly attracts young students who are big technology enthusiasts. What attracted me towards this profession is the fact that I love technology. It excites and intrigues me beyond words. Apart from thi…

Essay On Rose For Class 2

Rose is the king of flower. It has red petals. It has small thorns to protect itself from herbivores. It is a shrub. It has round and deep green coloured leaves. Rose is liked by all for its beauty and smell. Rose  plant possess different types of colour. It comes in red, orange, white, etc. The size of these flowers differ from plant to plant. Rose plant is used in garden to decorate by people. It is used in perfumes because of its sweet smell. It is used in garlands. It is also known as woody plant. When the flower blooms it looks very beautiful. It looks beautiful when it is on the plant but as soon as it is plucked it fades . 124 words essay by :Anusa

Essay on 'How to Study'

Studying is reading lessons, understanding and installing information in mind to restore them for the time of testing. It has its own rules and methods that must be based on. The superior student who is seeking knowledge and success is keen on studying to achieve the future goals . There are several ways which are complementary to each other to become one easy way for memorization of specific books for school or university . One of the most important ways is to choose a quiet place to study .For example , you can sit in upper floor to stay away from the noise of the children. It is necessary to supply your place with the basic items that you need during studying like pens , pencils, papers , notebooks and calculator.You can keep your mobile phone outside your room in order not to take your mind off and waste your time playing without feeling. Moreover, you have to give a specific time for each lesson so that you can study all the subjects during the day. After you finish stud…

Essay on 'Importance of Education' For Grade 5

What is the importance of education? Answering this most obvious and valuable question is not possible by compiling few words or sentences. Once Nelson Mandela stated, “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world”. Every bit of the quote made sense then and making sense today. Without education, the world will jump into the battlefield holding the ‘eye for an eye’ perception. Education is the key to success and a better tomorrow. It will be an understatement if one says that with education, one can only make a living. Education helps a person in developing the basic skills as well as the subject area enlightenment. Education brings confidence and humility in a person’s behavior. Education eliminates poverty and brings prosperity in the surroundings. There is a huge importance of education in life and one cannot simply overlook the scopes that education creates to provide success for the long run. Basic and mandatory education in today’s scenario

Essay on Importance of Sport For Class 6

243 Words Essay by : Kareem Ghawi Abbas
In the past, people didn't know the sport because their whole life was full of activity and vitality. Their life was a sport in its own right. They covered mileage and long-distance in travel for living . They practiced very simple kind of sport such as walking or jogging. Today it has become an urgent need to practice different types of sports because of the new habits and manners which depend on comfort , working in front of the computer screens , sitting in offices for a long time and other habits that cause a lot of health problems. As a result, most of people are suffering from obesity, diabetes and heart attacks. A sound mind in a sound body"" is the best expression of the importance of sport in our lives. In order to work and think properly , we have to build a healthy body. In other words, it is very necessary to make many exercises regularly so that we can build strong bodies and get rid of many diseases. Fu…

Essay on Personal Rules For Grade 10

648 Words Essay by : Ali Hamdi
Everyone has personal rules that they need to live by. People can have rules for school, home, and work. Some rules keep us safe and some rules help us learn. For example, doctors have a rule that is to protect the patient. Also a police officers rule is to serve and protect. The story that I read called Bud, Not Buddy by Christopher Paul Curtis had a main character, Bud. He has rules for almost all situations. As a middle school boy I have rules that I have to stick to. I believe that you should always be prepared. As a middle schooler, you must be prepared to ensure you have the correct books and tools for each class you will be taking that day. You also have to be prepared so that you are able to hand in homework or classwork on time. Also if you have to go to work you must be prepared. You cannot forget if you have a paper due and you did not do it. I had to be prepared to get my physical shots. I had to be prepared for swelling…