Mar 4, 2016

Essay on Importance of Sport For Class 6

243 Words Essay by : Kareem Ghawi Abbas

In the past, people didn't know the sport because their whole life was full of activity and vitality. Their life was a sport in its own right. They covered mileage and long-distance in travel for living . They practiced very simple kind of sport such as walking or jogging.

Today it has become an urgent need to practice different types of sports because of the new habits and manners which depend on comfort , working in front of the computer screens , sitting in offices for a long time and other habits that cause a lot of health problems. As a result, most of people are suffering from obesity, diabetes and heart attacks.

A sound mind in a sound body"" is the best expression of the importance of sport in our lives. In order to work and think properly , we have to build a healthy body. In other words, it is very necessary to make many exercises regularly so that we can build strong bodies and get rid of many diseases. Furthermore, modern science has proved that sport plays an important role in improving the human mood dramatically as the body can excrete certain hormones to send a feeling of happiness in the soul and to get rid of worries and sorrows.

Sport is a way to strengthen social relationships with the people to promote the meanings of affection and intimacy between them, many of the sports practiced collectively, such as football and basketball, etc., and these sports require human meeting with others in the team. Accordingly, this will reinforce the positive aspect of the teams and give them high confidence and respect.


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