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Essay on Sunflower For Class 2 Pointwise

Sunflower is an annual flower.It has a appearance of sun with yellow petals and green sepals.The sunflower needs sunlight for its better growth.It faces the sun always.

It has a long thin green coloured stem.The flower has beautiful large head with bright petals.When the sunflower are planted together they look very beautiful.The common and main use of it is for extraction of vegetable oil which is widely used in cooking like frying. The sunflower not only comes in yellow colour but in different colours.It is also used in cosmetics like soothing cream and lip balms. It is recognised as state flower of country Kansas which is in North America continent.

Competition Leads to Progress Essay

Progress is possible when you are not afraid of competition. Each and every person is unique, no doubt in that, but he/she may have more or better qualities than you. If you want to reach your goal, make sure that you are perfect in it because there are thousands of people out there (keeping in mind India’s population) who want the same goal and who will go out of their way to reach their goal. Here is where competition steps in; many people are scared of it, many people are against it but many people don’t know the importance of it. Competition makes your goal a living thing; it ignites that fire within you to make your dream possible. Many people dream a new dream every day or hold on to their old dream but the reason why they don’t succeed is because the lack of better preparation for competition. For example, if a writer knows that there are 80 people out there dreaming the same dream, then he will try to perfect his skill in writing, increase his vocabulary and will do all…

Essay on Child Marriage In India

Every little girl from a tender age fantasizes about her marriage. She has her own ideas, notions and dreams about her new home, her partner, what her relationship will be like, her children and so on. For many these dreams come true. Some girls really do grow up; find the love of their lives and live happily ever after. But for a few of these unfortunate girls, life plays a cruel twist. They do get married, but not in the manner they envisioned. They are forced to marry even before they hit puberty often to men as old as their fathers. This wide spread practice of child marriage is the most detrimental to our society and needs to be dealt with a firm hand. In a country where the girl child is considered a liability, a large number of people from poor socio-economic backgrounds prefer to get their daughters married at a young age. Thus becoming free of their responsibilities and ‘passing on the burden to their husbands’. These obsolete and out dated ideals used to form the basis if …

Essay on 'A True Hero is a Unifying Force in a Diverse Society'

371 Words Essay by : KALYANI The term true hero is gender and age neutral. A true hero; whether a woman or a man, young or old, is someone who the people see as a role model. It is not mandatory that unity of thought is always positive, even negative thoughts can be brought together by a unifying force and bring upon a bad impact. Such a thought binder cannot be called a true hero. A few examples of true heroes are sports persons and film stars. They emotionally unify the society and a large number of people follow what they do but the real impact on the people is less as there is no material change in their lives. Also, it is less likely that they benefit the society at large. On the other hand, some of the people who benefit the society and will have a larger impact on them are social workers. If the people follow the social workers and start being aware of the change that they try to bring about, it will benefit the society in many ways. One such example of a real hero having…

Essay On Deforestation For Class 9 ICSE

Trees are considered as the most important contributors to the history of human existence and its development. Many human societies worship the trees as a deity till now. This is an inherent part of their tradition. But the trees have immense scientific influence and importance more than anything else. They are the key to our survival. But, blinded by the progress toward ultra-modernism, human beings have engaged themselves in destroying these great contributors at a rapid pace. Forests are being demolished ruthlessly and nature is feeling the impact. Deforestation is the ultimate wrong step toward the progress as it unsettles the natural balance. This is possibly the greatest problem for the survival. Therefore, it is the best time to discuss and analyze the real meaning, the vital causes, the overwhelming effects, and the possible solutions to this problem. Many people wonder about what does deforestation mean actually. The issue is clearly simple to understand. People demolish …

Essay on Educated Unemployment is a Curse Brutal than Poverty | For Class 9

Over-education is as much recessive as overproduction at the time of less demand. Educated youth unemployment is the result of this over-education in the society of diminishing opportunities. Its increment is not only becoming curse in our society but is felt brutal than poverty. As educated youths are not able to downgrade themselves to a level of labourer. Education For All”, a policy that is lighting the lamp of education in every corner of the country, however because of increasing literacy rate, limited resources and job opportunities, these lamps are burning the life of youths. They’ve invested lakhs of rupees to get a college degree but these investments are not paying off as it is not sufficient to give them an “Employed” Tag and a desired job to feed their stomach. “An educated mind with an empty stomach and ample of time doing nothing but cursing the system, is more harmful for an individual or the society than any other problem.” India is a country having 1.21 bill…