Sep 16, 2016

Essay on 'The Freedom Fighter who Inspired Me the Most'

It is always said and remembered by us that it is because of our freedom fighters that we have gained independence and freedom from the British rule. The one man who is called "The father of our nation" and the one who has inspired me with his doings and bravery is none other than Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi. Whenever I think of him I can picture an old man wearing a dhoti and a shawl, round glasses and a stick who has the picture of India as a nation with utmost abundance in his eyes.

There were many other freedom fighters who has taken part in the independence movement but Mahatma Gandhi made the golden bird free through his non-violence movement and this movement was seen and adopted all over the nation and many other countries knew the importance of non-violence and how Mahatma Gandhi fought for his country like no one else did. He has quoted the line "Be the change you wish to see in the world". He has not only quoted but proved it by making India a free spirit. Gandhi never wanted a bloodshedding war which would take lives of millions of people, he wanted to wage a war by making peace his sword. He has also famously quoted the line "A weak can never forgive because forgiveness is the attribute of the strong". Deep down in his heart he has forgiven his opponents for whatever they have done.

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Mahatma Gandhi became so famous with its freedom fight and struggle that now, at present each and every person knows about him all over the world and the world knows him not because he is famous but because how he fought for his country in a unique and clever way.

Thus it could be concluded by saying that there is no other freedom fighter like him and nobody has been like him but he will be remembered for a lifetime. He has made us inspired to do something which is beyond the expectations by us and others. Love and respect for him will always be abundant.

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