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Sep 23, 2016

Essay on Life is like a storm

Life as we know it is not a bed of roses, there are many hardships faced. The extremist says that we are thrown into this life, without being given the option to choose. Life in one word can be vaguely described as a storm, a storm where surviving skills are imbibed by experience. In the greater horizon, we can see that at times of hardship we often tend to describe life which we are enduring as a storm.

Many great men have achieved their greatness only when they have experienced the storm because without having experienced the storm they couldn't have been elevated or achieve whatever they wanted to achieve.

Essay on Life is like a storm

Life is like a storm because if it would have been a bed of roses, life wouldn't have been worth the ride.

Speaking ahead, we can see that life is full of surprises, happiness, joy, fun, precious moments and what not but when sadness, wrath, hatred, greed are experienced we tend to blame on our life and on our faith. The difference between the triumphant and the opposite is that the triumphant's tend to turn hardship into something which is beneficial for them but the opposite just make a cry for it and tend to blame on others than blaming it on themselves.

It is said that for every problem there is a solution and also, without solutions problems are never given, so our main agenda is to find a balance or a way out of the storm. A storm never stays for a longer time, it does bring chaos and clutter but when it leaves it brings a form of serenity and calmness, the real thought or question over here is that, are we the same after the storm or has that storm brought a change in us? This can only be answered when we have the actual courage to face the storm.

Another interpretation of "Life is like a storm" is that within each and every one of us there is a storm which is locked up or suppressed in the deep dungeons of our own self. It depends on us if we want to let loose of that storm because we are much aware of the fact that the storm within us might cause immense chaos or immense folly which will make our life a hurricane. We, in fact, might call all this a storm within a storm. But the hidden positivity lies over here is that a storm within us can defeat a storm. This time, there is no need to suppress that storm because with that storm we can build a life of happiness.

Thus the conclusion over here could be said that life is lived only once, there is no turning back, whatever should be done, it needs to be done now. No matter how drenched your life is, you need to make the changes right now, you need to get out of that storm right now.

"When life is a bliss everything is merry for us
but when a storm is ahead we curse the Great
little we know about the merit of storms
because after every storm, a colourful rainbow and a pleasant calm so take that storm as a gift because only hidden things are worth finding for."

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