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Sep 30, 2016

Essay on Recycle Reduce, and Reuse For Class 9

Nature and environment are there for human's existence. All the elements of nature along with the environment's essence, support human life and surround it with joy and happiness. However, with growing needs and demands of Homo sapiens, our environment is now at threat. Clearing forests for land; cutting down trees, rise in pollutants, increasing use of non-biodegradable substances and productive lands turning into barren zones; all result in environmental degradation. To address such concerns and save the environment from further dilapidation it's time to incorporate environment-friendly practices, namely the 3R's: Recycle, Renew, and Reuse.

Essay on Recycle Reduce, and Reuse

Recycling is the eco-friendly process of turning waste materials and garbage into reusable substances. It is a preventive measure for saving potentially useful materials from wastage. It also helps in reducing the consumption of new raw materials, energy, and resources from the environment. Composting or reusing bio-degradable waste like food particles, kitchen waste, and garden waste is also known as recycling. By doing so, the amount of waste generation drops down, vital resources of the environment are conserved, environmental pollution decreases and finally greenhouse gas emissions reduces. As a result, our environment is well maintained and preserved, even with an increase in demands.

There are various recyclable materials used in daily lifestyles, such as plastic, paper, glass, metal, tires, electronics and textiles. These materials are first collected and brought to the recycling units. In the recycling centres, all substances are first segregated according to their nature and state (solid or liquid) and then reprocessed into fresh and new materials, meant for manufacturing.

Environment can be best sustained for the future, by reducing the amount of waste production. Whether at home, while shopping or at work, daily practices helps in reducing excess waste and prevents pollution. Purchasing or gifting products with simple or minimal packaging, using more re-usable materials and avoiding thin plastic bags saves energy and lowers environmental pressure. Reducing is basically lowering down usage, from petrol and diesel to regular commodities.

Reusing is another eco-efficient way of saving resources and energy and creatively re-using items in future. It also reduces pressure on industrial production, which means lower industrial pollution. The disposal costs and needs become lesser, at the same time. Apart from environmental benefits, re-using is a cost-effective measure for businesses and consumers since it's more reasonable, compared to new produce. The most common reusable items include carrier bags, plastic bottles, envelopes, jars, pots, newspapers, bubble wraps, cardboard, tyre, scrap papers and used wood. Besides these, old electronic equipment and rechargeable batteries can also be re-used again and again. There are certain waste materials which are used in manufacturing process of other products. Reusing is an ideal way to save energy and lower production costs of all goods and materials.

To sum up, the 3R's ( Recycle Reduce, and Reuse) of environment is the best way of preserving natural resources, making proportional use of energy and resources at present and protecting the environment for a long-run. By practising the three ethics, both life and nature can get along simultaneously, without any risk.

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