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Oct 7, 2016

Essay on 'You had a Wonderful Dream That Came True After Six Months'

Dreams we say are the infinite foam of imagination, it is that wonderful place where each and everything can happen, it is that place where we want to escape in, it is a story which is unsaid to anyone but ourselves. It is said that dreams come true when it is dreamt at dawn but is it true? only time will tell us.

At first, I always dreamt in an unclear manner but as I dreamt on and on, I started getting engulfed in it. In my dreams, I always found myself atop of everything, be it a tree where I would climb on the top branch, be it a building where I would find myself on the top floor or be it a ferric wheel where the wheel would always stop on the top where I could gaze at the clouds. It felt very strange at first and I couldn't decipher the code behind it but when the dream kept presenting itself with various scenarios but with the same motive, I had to understand what was going on, it made me curious, it made me irresistible and I was famished for the very knowledge which was kept in the deep and dark subconscious parts of my mind. I kept dreaming on and on, sometimes I was at the top, just floating in the sky, but at the very top. What could it mean? I had no idea.

 You had a Wonderful Dream That Came True After Six Months

Days passed by, days turned into months and now I would dream that same dream seldom. In the last same dream, I heard a whisper whispering in my ear and saying "It's time" It struck me and it struck me hard, I had the tendency to neglect everything and I always felt that something was amiss, I always felt incomplete and always thought that I wasn't on the top. I was just looking and never saw things with a new vision and hope.

My life, in a narrow or a broader manner, has always been on the top. I started listing down even the smallest thing at which I was on top i.e, better than my own self but not others. As I started listing, it made me realise that the dream of mine which I had dreamt since first grade i.e, to the best version of myself had already come true but it took me six months to realise and to fetch the reality.

Sometimes in life, we try to look at too many things, we try to take our unrealized triumphs for granted. So as the late Robin Williams said, "Seize the day my friend". There is a lot in this world which has been unsaid, unseen and also, unrealized.

Dreams come true, it might have already come true, but do you have the power to realise it? Time will only tell as at day we tend to be aware of the actual fact of our true self.

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