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Essay on 'My View About the Internet'

The difference in views does not mean imposing our opinions on others. However, there must be a proof in order to convince the others and it would be a good idea to hear the opinions of those who are around us and  to do the things that  are going on properly . We often hear this question, what is your opinion on the Internet? What are the internet pros and cons of online (benefits and detriments)?Theses questions are often said and have been  answered that the Internet is a fun and nuisances. For me, it's  a cultural, scientific and  social media. The guidance here plays an important role to get  real benefits of this technical development . But the internet  has its pros and cons, advantages and disadvantages, like any accomplishment of the achievements of the industrial age. As much as the internet promises us of the hopes and opportunities , it is risky. Today the Internet invades the community and it will be dangerous if we  do not use this medium positively. The damage…

Essay on Game I like the Most Cricket

The game which I like the most is cricket because cricket is not only a game for me, it is more than that. I really love batting because my father and I would spend time talking about cricket and he would also teach me how to bat. I remember when I got a cricket bat for my birthday, I was really happy and excited to play with it. I gathered all my friends and started playing cricket. It started as a simple game but now it has become a passion for me. It has not only made me physically fit but also mentally, whenever I would feel sad, I would play cricket which would relieve me from my stress. I started playing cricket frequently and became good at it, I started playing matches and also reached the state finals. It was a really great experience for me because many of my qualities were revealed like leadership skills, decision-making skills etc. In the country which I live, cricket is not just a game, it plays a very important part in each and everyone's life. It has become a symb…

Essay on Trouble is the most Common Denominator of Life

" Trouble is everywhere but the solution is how you look towards it" We always tend to think that trouble is that huge wall which is unbreakable and which is an obstacle to our achievement. The notion or statement "Trouble is the most common denominator of life" could only be understood by a person who has actually faced troubles and problems in his/her life or else this notion will not be accepted by him/her. Trouble can be seen in two ways, either you see it as something which is going to stop you or something which is going to help you move forward towards your goals. When you see trouble as the most annoying thing in the world, you will make things more complicated but when you see trouble as an opportunity, you will never be afraid of it. Trouble can also be tricky in some ways, it can come in disguise, so we need to look forward and solve it. We usually tend to fear trouble as it has the aspect to slow us down but we should always try to see it from a brig…

Essay on 'Democracy has lost its Spirit and Culture in our Country.

Independent India's first General Elections of 1952 were termed and described by foreign commentators as the great gamble in the history of the world.They argued that a communally divided,poor,emaciated and diverse country like India, will never be able to sustain the practice of free and fair election.Obituaries were being written for Indian democracy.Widespread apprehensions existed that India would ever be able to survive as a Nation. Ever since Independence, the world has witnessed the disintegration of the powerful USSR, the flip-flop of theocratic countries from military coup to democracy and vice –versa , religious clashes between the two factions of same religion in the Middle East, the rise of the American-styled democracy and the increasing clout of an anti-democratic China on the World order. However, being the most diverse region in the entire world,India never showed any large or powerful signs of disintegration. Free from the clutches of the colonial chains of poli…