Apr 20, 2018

Essay on Importance of Practical Approach Of Education

Education, no doubt, is the threshold of knowledge. Education imparted by schools has given tremendous knowledge to students who have later excelled in their fields.

But as ideologies emerge, education has lost its meaning over the years. The main reason goes to the corruption of the system which has a disjuncture in the overall outlook. Students over the years have lost interest in studies because the focus is given more on theoretical aspect rather than the practical approach. Over the years, keeping in mind the changes in the student’s approach towards studies, a lot of methodologies in imparting education have been introduced where attending classes have become a matter of option.

Essay on Importance of Practical Approach Of Education

The relevant reasons which support this thought are that:
1. Sitting in the classroom, listening to long lectures will be of no use because there is no practical approach to whatever is being taught.

2. Rather than the school concentrating on the attendance of high school students, they should concentrate more on the practical approach of the imparted knowledge. A lot of first world countries have already started giving students a lot of projects where they spend more time on completing the project rather than attending the theoretical sessions.

3. High school is a very crucial stage in any student’s life because it is then that the students choose their career path. Giving them highly intellectual knowledge is very important which will fetch them fame and success.

4. If school imparts this kind of education system, the student will no longer need the burden of attending classes because the practical approach will impart learning in a very extensive manner.

Having said all the above points, it is also a responsibility on the students to adhere to the practical approach of learning because education has to be imparted and there can be no escape from it. A lot of theoreticians like kumaravadivelu have paid heed on to the practicality of education. Thus, attending classes over years might become nullified or optional not only because of the change in the education system but also due to the technological advancements.

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