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Apr 13, 2018

Essay on Autobiography of a Rose Flower

"My little rose, when problems come our way, it makes us better." My mother Earth always said this to me when I was a little plant.

This is because I always wondered and asked her questions. "Why is my stem body full of thorns? Why do they prick me all the time? I don't see them on my friends. Jasmine, Sunflower and Lily are all free of thorns. Why can't I be like them?"

Hearing my questions my mother used to always smile and answer. She used to say, "My little rose, you are a natural beauty. You do have thorns on you but they are here to help you. They will make you grow into a beautiful flower. It will also make you stronger. So it's okay to be different. You will get to see what I mean one day." I didn't understand what she said but her loving voice always made me happy.

Essay on Autobiography of a Rose Flower

I grew up in a big garden. There were many plants here, and I loved being with them. As a little bud, I was very playful. My favourite time was when the dew dropped on us early mornings. Then the sun's light shined upon us all. During the day, an old man with kind eyes used to give us water. He was so gentle with us and took care of the entire garden. Every evening the wind blew and played with us. We would all then sway and dance together.

There were children who also came to play in the garden. Seeing them run around, I wished to one day grow up and move around. So one day I asked my mother. I said, "Maa when I grow up to be a flower, will I ever get to move? My mother replied, "My dear rosy rose, nature has given you a gift, a talent. One day this gift in you will take you places." I listened carefully and decided to wait.

One day my petals spread wide open and a beautiful fragrance came through me. I bloomed into a rose flower. The gardener was so happy to see me. He took a deep breath appreciating my rosy scent. With my scent, I could now move around. I thanked nature for this gift.

Now as a rose flower, people love to come close to me. The thorns in my body do not bother them. When they take in my scent, they become happy. This makes me happy too. Be it the gardener, the owner or children, all are equal for me. I will continue to share my gift, this rosy fragrance every moment where ever I am present.

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