Apr 27, 2018

Essay on My House on Fire Class 4

It was getting dark, maybe 8 PM at the night. I was on my roof enjoying the pleasant weather peacefully when I suddenly heard a loud scream of my mother.

I turned back and was left dumbfounded. It was fire on my own house. I was stuck on the roof and my mother & sister were there on the downstairs. Neither I could go downstairs nor could they come upstairs. I was crying with the fear because I was alone there. The flames were raising and so were my heartbeats. I was just crying and crying. The clouds of smokes and the horrible flames were approaching me.

Essay on my house fire class 2

Suddenly, I heard a voice coming beside me. It was my neighbor Rahul who came to rescue me after jumping from his roof. He took me in his lap and ran away from there. When I reached in their house, I took a sigh of relief after finding my mother & sister safe. We were taken safely out off the house but our house was burnt almost into ashes before the fire brigade could come. After 2 hours of continue efforts of putting out the fire, there was nothing left. We were heartbroken as we lost everything. However, now, we have got over it. Presently, we’re living in a different house.

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