May 4, 2018

Essay on 'You are going to Taj Mahal - unfortunately reached another place

Taj Mahal is the heart of India. Everybody wants to visit it at least once in his/her lifetime.

I too was very curious to get the glimpse of this monument as I have heard a lot about the magnificence of this place. After waiting for years, finally, the day came when I got a chance to visit this place. Actually, it was a group trip from my school. Our school conducts 2-3 days trip every year in January. All the students are divided in a certain number of groups and then, they’re sent to different touristic places with a guide. Our group was decided to go on a trip to Taj Mahal. I was happy and there were two reasons for it. First, I was going Taj Mahal and second, all my friends were in my group only. A day before the trip, we were told about everything like what all stuff we should carry and at what time we had to reach school in order to depart.

Essay on You are going to Taj Mahal - but unfortunately you reached another place- Tell the effects of this journey and tell what lesson have you  gained

We were expected to turn up at 7 AM. I was eagerly waiting for the morning at the night but when I woke in the morning, it was already 6:30 AM. I quickly got ready, packed up my bag and rushed to the school. When I reached there, buses were going. A few were left and a few were already gone. As I reached there, a bus, which was about to leave, stopped and the guide asked me the batch number. I told him my batch number and he asked to get on the bus. I didn’t see anything as I was already nervous about being late. I just boarded. After a few minutes, when felt relaxed, I looked around for my friends. To my horror, these all faces were new to me. I never ever saw them. The ground fell out underneath my feet and my heart sank. I enquired about it with the guide. He told me that the bus was going to Mathura and the students were from the other branch of my school. What next? I sat sadly on my seat thinking about the fun I could have with my friends. We reached Mathura. We visited a few temples but I couldn’t enjoy the trip at all. I felt alienated, alone, and boring. I had no one to talk with. The trip seemed me as a punishment.

My trip went in vain and my dream of visiting Taj Mahal remained a dream only. With this trip I learned many things, first, always be on time. Second, never get on a vehicle without the complete information about it. Third, friends are the real happiness. Fourth, life seems beautiful only when you’re surrounded by the people you love.

Title: Essay on 'You are going to Taj Mahal...but unfortunately you reached another place.....tell the effects of this journey and tell what lesson have you gained'

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