Sep 7, 2018

Autobiography of a Newspaper or Essay

With an utmost hope of fostering the knowledge of people, I (Newspaper) opened my eyes as a European in the sixteenth century. As the saying goes “Rome was not built in a day” it took hundreds of years to become who I am today.

Although I was born in Europe, I was known by only a few people in my early days. When I was a kid, I had to undergo burdensome experiences in my life. I always wanted to be appreciated and praised by the people who read me; therefore I am happy that I was born as a newspaper.

Autobiography of a Newspaper or essay

At the very beginning of my life, I was handwritten and distributed only among a few groups of people in the high class who were literate. Those days I contained details about war and related issues. People did not buy me. They exchanged me for goods and valuables they had. Therefore I was not given any price. As the time passed, I grew up to be a young man. During this age, the world underwent industrialization, which brought drastic changes in the field of inventions and explorations. Through this process, people could invent the printing machine which helped them to print me instead of the handwritten ones. This was a remarkable landmark in my life.

I was spread throughout the world in printed letters. It was a wonderful experience for me to fly to many countries with my brothers and sisters. But in some places, it was sad to get separated from each other as we were dispersed to different places like houses, shops, banks, hospitals, and schools. They handled me with lots of care and protected me. Yet some people cut pictures printed on me which hurt me the most. By this time I was quite developed and modified into a smart gentleman with headlines, bold letters, italics, subheadings, long descriptions, and bullets. The people were more educated and concerned about the world happenings than the previous ages. Therefore I was not limited to high-class people. I could reach the hands of people of all ages, nationalities, religions, and countries.

After spending my life blissfully, I felt that something bad is going to happen because of the introduction of the internet to the world. People did not like to read me like before which made me feeble. Although I am contented about the life I lived, I am quite desperate when I see people ignore me. Therefore, I request you all to adore the same way you did a few centuries ago without letting me die.

I believe that Newspaper cannot be replaced because of taste, it provides to the eye.


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