Sep 14, 2018

Need for Social Counseling in present political scenario of the country

You can take any country reference where there is democracy .

From the day we were born, we have come across many burdens, hardships, and complications that were caused due to the lack of management in the political sector.

In fact, the ones whom we choose through elections do not fulfill people’s wishes when they get elected to the positions they wish. Although they promise and swear numerous things to be done after getting elected, they ignore and forget everything after entering the politics. If we think deeply, all sectors including health, education, transportation, infrastructure facilities, employment, services, and marketing should be developed and all the needs and requirements of people should be accomplished in order to call it a developed country. So for this purpose, we need to teach and guide people through social counseling as the political scenario is driving to a worse direction day by day.


The essence of social counseling is to build a platform for ordinary people to choose the best path in order to lead a successful life. If we consider a developing country, we can find the majority of people in rural areas living miserable lives while the rulers and ministers spend luxurious lives. Those political rulers are not concerned about the welfare and the well being of people. So to change this system of injustice, people should be taught the way to use their valuable vote to pick the best rulers for their country. They should be advised of the importance and the value of their votes. Misusing a vote mainly happens because of the illiteracy and unemployment. People go after false beliefs and myths thinking that every person to whom they vote will satisfy their needs. Hence the need for social counseling escalates each passing second as the present political rulers are mistreating the opportunity given to them by the community.

Most of the people hold a misconception that, the responsibility of developing a country is solely in the hands of rulers. So they assume that only voting a person can make a change in the country. As it is a false belief, through social counseling we can make people understand that there is a huge duty for both the parties to drive the country towards a better path.

Now we understand that there is a lot to be done by a social counselor to make people’s lives better and to build the path to success. Through all these above-mentioned factors we can realize that there is an utter need for social counseling in the present political scenario of the country.

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