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Sep 28, 2018

Essay on Happiness For School students Class 10

The plethora of this macrocosmic world encompasses a microcosmic animate and inanimate world of their own. The only thing that differentiates us ‘the animate species from the inanimate world is our feelings.

We can't measure our feelings. We only just radiate it through our thoughts. Feelings are created by our soul, our living entity. The happiness is one of the feelings created by our living being.

Just remember the time of our childhood when we were always happy. There smile appeared on our faces spontaneously. But more we grew up, the more conditions refrained us from being happy. The conditions start like this “if I get good marks in the exam then I will be happy”,” if I get a good job, I will be happy” etc. If I ask myself, am I really happy? If I am very happy then how the situations control my happiness? If I recently purchased my favorite car and went out for a long drive with my near and dear ones, and suddenly a very bad news appeared like a bolt from the blue then what? I would have been very happy until the news of the mishap will reach my ears. The total incident will not hesitate to take my happiness away in a single moment.

Essay on Happiness For School students Class 10

Actually, happiness does not depend on materialistic possessions, it actually depends on our quality of thought. Happiness does not mean surface enjoyment in the form of laughing or dancing or jumping, it is a stable and content stage of mind-a pure state of bliss. If I suddenly face an adverse situation, then I have to remain stable to take proper decision. It is possible only if I have an optimistic perception towards all situations.

Happiness doesn’t come from any external stimulus and neither it could be given by anyone. We only create it in our mind. It is a manifestation of our powerful state of mind. For a healthy body, we need nutritious foods, sufficient rest and exercise. In a similar way, a healthy mind requires nutritious food in the form of good and elevated thoughts, sufficient rest in the form of less production of thoughts and exercise in the form of meditation. Negative thoughts like I am useless, good for nothing etc. damage our mental energy and should be dispelled. We need to replace them by creating the positive. Our daily activities in the form of reading, watching or listening to anything affects our mind. The more we feed ourselves positive information the more we remain happy at every moment of our lives and the more we will feel at peace with ourselves.

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