Oct 5, 2018

Essay on How to Achieve Happiness For School Students

When we look at an infant, their unconditional smiling face makes us happy without any reason. Did we ever think about it? How can they smile without any external booster?

When we were at the same age we also had a sparkling face which mirrored happiness. Then what is the reason for which we ask for happiness today? If happiness comes from external conditioning then how can a baby remain happy who does not know how to enjoy through the bodily senses such as vision, listening power, taste, smell, and touch?

happy boy

If we go back to the lives we have lived then we can see that day by day when we were growing up we were enforced to take certain responsibilities. We were taught about conditional achievement. If I get good marks then I will get a new cycle as a token of my achievement. Our parents also used to say that they will be happy when I will be able to achieve good marks. These type of word subtly affects our subconscious mind and creates in us a set of belief systems. Our virgin brain gets turned into a junk-box of the same type of belief system generation by generation. The core idea becomes that happiness is conditional. This is the only thing which sets a boundary wall and we forget to remain happy from within.

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