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Sep 21, 2018

If I was a Toy Store Owner Essay for Class 4

I am fond of becoming a toy store owner because there are many hopes and wishes in my mind. I do not want to become a rich store owner who is going after money and wealth by selling toys.

One of those wishes is to help kids enjoy their free time with the toys available in my store. But I will always advise them to engage in studies and learning activities during their studying time. Or if not they will not succeed in their academic activities.

If I was a Toy Store Owner Essay for Class 4

Another aim that I have in my mind is to be a helping hand for the kids who are unable to buy toys. I have seen many little ones who are in need of toys. The majority of them are unable to buy them because of the lack of money. Therefore I would love to give away the excess toys that are in my store for the poor little ones and make them happy. Seeing they smile would be one of the best remedies that will heal my soul. Furthermore, I wish to donate some of the best toys for the orphanages where kids are longing for pretty toys. They are in utter need of love, care, attention, and affection. Hence I will give them off with a generous heart.

I have come across many situations where people who are with big wallets do not treat their parents well. They forget and lack the value of their parents when they are rich grown-ups. But if I become a toy store owner I will treat my parents with the money I earn through selling toys. I will fulfill all their needs and requirements with my best efforts. I want to see them living as a king and a queen because they sacrificed so much to make us energetic personalities. Also, I will always follow the path shown by them. I will not earn in greedy ways. I will sell my toys at reasonable prices which are affordable too.

Being humble will drive me to success in no time. I will help my fellow shop owners to reach their aims and goals too. I do not compete or become jealous over their progress. If I become a toy store owner, I will build up good thoughts in each and everyone who visits my store. It will come back to me in unexpected ways. I will always help the needy with the best way I can. This is why I love to become a toy store owner one day.

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