Oct 12, 2018

Essay on Can Money Buy Happiness For School Student

Did anyone ever get such an offer, where happiness comes absolutely free with a comfortable pillow or mattress? Even the most expensive pillow or cushion manufacturer is unable to offer it.

They never guarantee their product will give sound sleep without any sleeping disturbances. If a rich person is able to purchase the most expensive bedding essentials, then does that mean the buyer must sleep with ease? We can buy all types of materialistic comfort with money but not the internal contentment. This contentment comes from within, it is our own creation. There are so many factors which affects our mind to create positive or negative thoughts. What our mind thinks, that energy radiates and affects the natural surrounding around us as well as our thinking process. That’s why when we do some elevated and selfless activity for someone, their blessings radiates for us and we feel contented, blessed. If we hurt someone, their negative feelings and vibration for us also radiate and we receive the bad energy which creates a disturbance in our mind. Even if we create negative feelings for our self, it also damages the huge energy of the brain.

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If we deprive someone of their money or any other property through vile means their curses also affect us in one way or the other. We can lose more than what we have gathered through dishonest ways. An honest person can feel the original happiness inside which he has acquired with honesty. People involved in unsocial activity never remain happy and stable internally. These criminal activities damage their internal balance and rational thinking. Most of the people in our society are suffering from depression and other types of serious ailments because they know how to earn money but they don’t know how to earn blessings for mental satisfaction and peaceful life. Corruption, excess greed is the root cause of dissatisfaction which create in future different types of mental problem. Unfortunately according to medical science there is no permanent treatment for the mind. Some medicine can give temporary relief to our brain but they are unable to recover our mind fully.

As we think so we become. For an ever happy and peaceful lifestyle, we have to take care for our thoughts first. For internal stability, we have to learn to be content. For a contented person, two rupee is equal to two billion. But a discontented greedy billionaire remains penniless for always wanting more and more. Good and elevated thoughts are treasures of our mind. It helps to inculcate divine values. We should never compromise with our values and always want more and more because we ultimately, in the long run, are putting our happiness in stake.

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