Dec 14, 2018

Essay on A Little knowledge is a dangerous thing

Ever since from school, we have been listening to this one lesson on a consistent basis, Little/Less knowledge is a dangerous thing. It is said for every legit reason.

In a rapidly moving world, people hardly get time for themselves. In this, asking them to take out some time to verify the half information or knowledge passed onto them may look like a lot. Most of the times people blindly believe the information and take actions accordingly which may lead to unwanted and unforeseen circumstances.

There is a saying which means, No knowledge is waste. But it's important to make sure that the knowledge is legitimately right. This includes its statistical values, moral values, authenticity and credibility of the knowledge as well the source from which it's coming to us. These values work as a core, if even one is missing the results can be uncertain. The very proverb itself teaches us a lot, things like humility ( one should always be humble about their knowledge), Caution ( one must possess complete knowledge about a topic before passing it on or in order to take action against/ in favor of it). The proverb also points towards the fact that, how some people try to showcase a lot that they already know and in order to do so, they might end up giving the wrong information as well, which is certainly dangerous on many levels.

three monkeys and knowledge

In most of the situations, having complete knowledge is not enough. One needs to make sure that the information they have is right and checked out. As based on information/ knowledge a person draws its conclusion and it is very important that the conclusion is precise and unbiased on every level.

In the rapidly changing world which is highly dependent upon technology, spreading information through different online portals is a quick assessment. It takes mere seconds to forward a story or text. Within a matter of minutes, a piece of information can reach lakhs of people. And very few of them will verify it before forwarding it. The basic point in all this is to make people aware of the disadvantages of having less knowledge. This works more like a virus, one person with little or half knowledge can affect the whole group of other individuals, this is backboned by the technology which allows us to do this within the blink of an eye. That's why it's important to cross-check and verify what you know to complete it, before passing it on.

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