Dec 7, 2018

Essay on Parents are said to be the first and the best teacher

Parents are said to be the first and the best teachers give reasons to support your answer: ( 350 Words)

In one school year a child spends :
900 hours in school whereas 7800 hours at home, which teacher should be more accountable ?
-By Jim Trelease

Once a parent, Always a parent. It is one of the noble pursuits of a person's life. There is no holiday, there is no salary, no incentives just giving their child an abundance of love and knowledge about everything they know. Parents are said to be the first teacher to a child for every right reason. School teaches us to read, while parents teaches us to Speak. We can participate in numerous running competitions through school, but parents are the one who teaches us how to walk. For every huge monument, one needs to make sure that the base is Strong, to hold every added layer. There is a Simile between this and parents. Parents are those teachers who builds a base for that upcoming growth of knowledge and success. This process may start from the birth of a child, but the planning has been started since ages. Right from teaching them how to speak, walk , behave, physical activities, basically everything a child needs to learn in order to have a smooth beginning in their life.

parrent with 1 year kid

Buddha said A wise person is the one who never stops learning. But here, parents are the one who never stops to be a teacher. They just don't stop at admitting you in a school or university. They make sure to inculcate noble and gracious values into their child till the end. They don't just give birth to a human but turn that child into a responsible person with humanity and great values. Learning is alot beyond books they are values, being empathetic, having moral senses, taking consistent efforts to do good for the world and the people living in it. This education starts at home by unbelievably small things.A child speaks volumes of what their parents teach them and how they are the first and the best teacher a child could get.

A child will get numerous mentors throughout their life. Some will leave some will stay for a longer period. But parents are those teachers who stay forever, right from birth till the end. And parents are again the true meaning of love as well, cause in return of everything they give us they expect nothing in return. Which is one of the best lessons one can learn?

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