Apr 16, 2021

Essay on a Dangerous Experience of my Life of Lion attack

I have a dangerous experience in my life. I was returning home in the evening. I was crossing a dense forest. I saw a lion's fight with an elephant.

Surprising Scene I saw in my life:

I quickly jumped out of the vehicle and started to take pictures. The thing grabbed me by the arm and threw me against the tree, pinning me. I couldn't break free from the tree. It was pressing into my upper body. I could feel the lion's paws, like the elephant's feet, grinding down on my upper body. Then the lion let go of my arm and tossed me in the forest.

I never realized this will happen to me:

Essay on a Dangerous Experience of my Life of Chart Fix Problem in a Flight

The lion looked at me, not moving. I waited. The lion waited until I was within shouting distance, then he charged.

Death Experience of My Life

I took cover behind a haystack. I had some shelter from the lion's roar and his jaws. I did not feel the shock of the charge. All I felt was the lion's crushing jaws tearing into my body. My eyes were wide open, but I could not see. I could only feel the force of the charge. The pain was intense, stabbing through my body. I could not move. I could only feel the charge, the pain, the shock, and the blood running down my legs, as the lion bit into my legs. The lion let go of my legs, and I fell to the ground. Blood trickled down my legs and onto the haystacks below me. I lay there for a minute or two until the blood died down. I lifted myself and looked around. There were footprints in the haystacks, near where I had been standing. I lay down and waited.

Patience saved me :

I stayed there for half an hour or so. I tried to stretch my arms and legs. Nothing. I was starving. The lion had dislocated my shoulder and dislocated my elbow. They were very bad. I was afraid to move. So I just waited for the lion to go and left the area.

Sever Pain I ever faced in my Life:

At last, the lion came near. It came to within about 5 yards of me, as it had with the haystack. I was again exposed to the lion's charge, and the pain in my leg, which must have been excruciating. This time I lay still and still. As I lay still, the pain subsided. I rose and laid down by the haystack, and I lay with my hands folded on my breast, and I wept.

I had the first glimpse of the man. He stood and walked away from me. I could hear his steps, as he left the area. My blood boiled with pain, and I began to cry. I could not move. My head hurt terribly. I could not see. I lay on the haystack for some minutes, until the pain subsided. The pain was terrible.

Painful death and I wept:

When the pain subsided, I saw the same man. I lay down on the grass, and I wept. I felt sorry for the man. He had sustained some injuries, and it must have been a very painful death to have to his leg in a haystack to get to cover. I wept for the poor fellow, until I felt my bleeding wound to be contained, and could stand up. I was not sure I could move again. I looked around for a rock to sit on. I could not find one. I felt sorry for myself. I sat down and waited.

First relief after this incident:

The lion was gone. The man was lying dead by the lion. I could not see the lion. I began to sob and began to think that the lion must have been a close encounter of the first kind.

I felt better after that.

I sat down and waited.

Greg Englehart Save my life:

The other person I would like to thank is Greg Englehardt who has come to the rescue of many endangered species. Greg was an expert on raptors and was able to help me solve my problem. He was also able to help me identify the problem. Greg gave me a great guide, and I thank Greg for that.

In conclusion, I thank Greg Englehardt for coming to the rescue, and I wish him a safe journey. I ask that he shares all his knowledge and experience on my problem. I hope that he is able to identify the problem. I ask that you contact me if you come across any problems with my posting.

Dangerous experience of Thirst:

I walked, walked through the forest, out of the bush, and into a farm field. By this time, I was very thirsty. I wandered into a nearby farmhouse and sat down to drink a cup of hot tea. The house owned by a farmer, his wife, and young son watched me wander in. They called me and brought me food. I ate, drank, and slept.

When morning came, I was more tired. I ate my food slowly, and hobbled out of the farmhouse, to see if the farmer's son had found anything to wear. I did not find anything to wear. It was hot. I hobbled on. Eventually, I saw some fields in front of me and walked slowly into them. Then, I saw the lion in the distance.

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