Apr 19, 2021

Essay on Landslide a Natural Phenomenon for Class 10

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I went for an excursion with my friends to a hilly area. Suddenly there was heavy downpour, floods and landslides. I were confined there for three days.

Landslides is not a Surprise in our area:

We are at a place where there are many landslides. It is a natural phenomenon that we should not be surprised with. Now, at least we are being affected with landslides and flood and also landslide. There are many hills that are eroded due to landslides. So now we have seen many accidents in this place and also had many discussions with my friends.

Possibilities of Landlide:

I want to say, we should not be surprised with these landslides. There are many possibilities of landslides. Our hill is a slope which is not a large slope. That is one thing. It has many landslides. It is just a natural phenomenon. The landslide is one thing that we need not be surprised with. The landslide is not that big. It is small compared to the size of the hill. Now, the accident is more serious that the landslides.

We should be Cautious to big Disaster:

When a great number of landslides happen, it is a big disaster. So I suggest us to be careful. If we continue to be affected with landslide, then it will be difficult to continue living. It is a natural phenomenon that we should not be surprised with. We should observe it and we should be cautious.

Drawing for my friends is Message from Me:

I should tell that I have made a huge amount of drawings on a piece of paper. I am really frightened, the drawing is for my friend. I don't want him to know that I am being scared and I am crying. The drawing is for him to see. It is not for my family. That is not my condition.

We should think and do Research to prevent Landslide Activity:

It is my condition to tell my friend that there are many ways to prevent landslides. A landslide is not that big as I thought. There are many ways. It is not that big compared to me. There are many things that we can do to prevent landslide. Not to have too much stuff in the hill or near the hill. Not to make the hill too steep. I should tell that we should be careful because a landslide is a big disaster. It is a disaster. It is a disaster and it is a disaster. It is a great hurt to us. It is a great hurt to the natural habitat. We should all do our best to prevent landslide, we should all protect our natural habitat.

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