Apr 29, 2021

My Self in English 20 Lines Essay

The fact that you are writing implies you have some issues to face and solve. Writing about yourself might be more beneficial than listening to a self-help CD.

Essay 1:

Myself in English 20 Lines for class 3

  • Many times I can't change myself, but I can change my behavior.
  • I can change the way I behave that attracts others.
  • When we behave differently, other people behave differently towards us.
  • If I want others to treat me differently than I treat myself then I have to change the way treat others.
  • In the process I will improve my behavior and attract others to behave better.
  • As a result, the positive aspects in my life will improve as well.
  • Self-esteem has to be addressed at the same time as our behavior.
  • When I treat myself better than I treat others, that implies I don't have self-esteem.
  • According to my perception, it affects our behavior.
  • That's why a lot of self-help and motivational works don't work.
  • Because the behavior I have to change is the behavior I want to attract.
  • My perception of myself affects the way I behave, yet I have to change the way I behave.
  • As per my experience you may start by noting down your good traits.
  • A helpful suggestion is to write down how you are useful, responsible, kind, considerate, trustworthy, honorable, and etc.
  • You can then keep a track of all the good qualities you have and use them whenever it is convenient for you.
  • One suggestion is to keep a notebook that you use for this purpose.
  • This notebook will help you analyze yourself , develop your perception and also help you develop your behavior.
  • If you notice that you have too many bad qualities in your notebook then you may have to add new qualities to your notebook.
  • You may continue by looking for more aspects in your character that you like.
  • After developing and maintaining your perception of yourself for a while you will notice that there is a gap between your perception and your reality.
My Self in English 20 Lines Essay for class 2
Essay 2:

Myself in English 10 Lines For Class 3

  • I realised myself that I am shy at parties.
  • I need to overcome that.
  • I tried myself and find the ways on how to overcome this aspect of my character.
  • I set the goals and I overcome that behavior.
  • So it is my advice for anyone who has set goals and created vision of what he want to achieve in the long run, He will find his path to overcome his shyness.
  • I find certain targets are difficult , I modified the targets in the way I perceive it to be correct and achievable in long run.
  • I always talk with the people around me to make necessary correction in my plan. It also help to understand unrealistic goals.
  • I work hard to build and strengthen my character.
  • In this way I can make more effective steps.
  • I tried hard to take proper measures in my life to overcome hardship.

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