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May 29, 2021

Essay on The Effect of Air and Water Pollution in India for Students of Class 10


India has one of the highest concentrations of industrial and residential population in the world. Due to which industrial units release tons of toxic gases, carbon dioxide, and sulfates. The release of these toxic gases contributes to the effect of climate change in the tropical zone.

The process of smelting and processing of ore releases tons of toxic gases, carbon dioxide and sulfates. During the course of these operations, there is a release of poisonous gases into the environment that harms both human beings and animals. The harmful effects of this toxic gas also impact nature's equilibrium. The increase in temperature, precipitation, and evaporation is affected by this toxic gas.

The exhaust of vehicle, factories, power plants, etc are one of the major factor for Air pollution:

Essay on The Effect of Air and Water Pollution in  India for Students of Class 10

Apart from these toxic gases, there are other factors that cause pollution. These factors include the exhaust of vehicles, industries, power plants, etc. Air pollution is due to the emission of water vapor from vehicles and industries. Gaseous pollutants are released mainly from industries and vehicles. Radioactive pollution results from radioactive pollution are from nuclear activity. Pollution from waste products, wastes, and industrial byproducts is another cause of pollution.

Waste Management is a Wise Decision:

It is necessary to manage the waste products and industrial wastes to reduce the production of wastes and to manage them to be used wisely. Industrial waste and waste products should be treated properly and their generation is reduced as much as possible. It is necessary to manage these wastes to use them wisely.

Effects of Air and Water Pollution:

Air pollution and water pollution are the common effects of pollution. They are caused by harmful gases, carbon dioxide, sulfates, etc. These toxic gases contribute to all the problems in the atmosphere. Air pollution affects everyone equally. It has immediate and delayed effects. These effects include cough, sore throat, asthma, bronchitis, lung diseases, etc. Water pollution may lead to water-borne diseases such as malaria, etc. The direct effect of water pollution on humans is through consumption of contaminated water. It causes more illnesses by disrupting normal human physiology. These effects include birth defects, infertility, birth injury, etc.

Air pollution and Water pollution are the common problems of this planet. They need to know about each other so that a proper solution can be found from each problem is very important. The solution to Air and Water pollution can be found only through proper management of both.

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