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May 20, 2021

Essay on role of Electronic media in today's life and Environmental Pollution

What is th role of Electronic media in today's life? Are they contributing to environment pollution? Are they really harmless? Have you ever heard the expression, "You're not personal environment is incidental?"

Essay on role of Electronic media in today's life and Environmental Pollution

Today, everyone is involved in electronic media. So are your neighbors, your friends, your colleagues, your clients, your fellow customers, and your fellow employees. Electronic media are all around you. You interact with them every day. So do their proprietors. So are they affecting your personal environment? These questions are of great importance. The nature of interaction and creation allows for a great degree of air pollution. So is the nature of disposal of waste also a great source of pollution.

What you watch on television, or what you download onto your computer or memory stick, has a tremendous effect on the air that you breathe. What you buy and what you download have a vast effect on the environment. Electronic media are not as benign as you think. Are there sources of electronic media that have a positive effect? Are there negative sources? These questions are of course that ask themselves.

How much do you listen to the radio, and what kind of radio? Do you watch television? Do you go to the movies? Have you been to the mall? Have you been to your favorite coffee shop? Have you been to your favorite shopping center? Have you taken trips to the park? The list could go on. These questions and others help to define the nature of your "environment".

"Sensitive" Environment:

Some consumers, like drug addicts, avoid spending money unless they absolutely have to. They are also likely to stay away from places until they have absolutely to. Their consumption habits create a sensitive environment. Their environmental behavior thus creates a sensitivity. When you interact with sensitive consumers, it is important to be considerate of their sensitivities, as it will effect the way you should deal with them. This goes for all consumers, not just drug addicts. As they are likely to spend a large amount of their money at once, they are likely to affect the prices, and thus impact the outcome of your transactions with them. "Repetitive" consumers are more likely to use the same place more often than not. When you find yourself interacting with these consumers, try to be considerate of their frequency of visits. As they are likely to spend more on a certain product, they may have an influence on the prices. You can deal with them in a manner that meets their needs, though.

Misinformed" Consumers and Severe affect on environment:

"Misinformed" Consumers create a sensitive environment by not realizing they are creating one. These individuals are liable to seek out products and places that are considered unsafe. As they tend to take more for granted than informed decisions, they can have a severe affect on the environment. It is important to be aware of these susceptible consumers, and treat them accordingly. For example, avoid giving them products that are considered "dangerous". When you find yourself interacting with this susceptible consumer, make sure to use caution.

Biased Consumers:

"Bias" consumers tend to favor products and people based on prior association. As they tend to assume that what they know is right, they tend to create a sensitive environment. As they tend to be very likely to select "easy going" settings, they create a highly sensitive environment. As they tend to "vote with their wallet", you will need to take steps to ensure the good service and good value that you offer.

Cosumers get satisfaction from Truthfullness of the Brand:

As these consumers do tend to bring about a sensitive environment, you need to be aware of how you present yourself to them. Consider how you present yourself to your regular customers. You should be alert to your customers concerns. You should take into consideration their age, gender, physical traits, political views, and income levels. These factors give you a good idea of how you should present yourself to these sensitive consumers. As these consumers tend to purchase products and services, the prices will tend to reflect your concern for them. As they tend to be the primary purchasers of products and services, the prices will tend to reflect their concerns. The more you are attuned to them, the more you can achieve for them. You can start by offering them discounted prices. Offering discounted prices will make you take your product out of its normal setting. Doing so will give your customers that extra push that they need to make a purchase. If you offer reduced prices for the same or similar products, you can help them realize that you take their concerns into consideration. As they tend to be the purchaser, they will naturally see that you are taking the same consideration into account.

3. The Social Consumer:

The Social Consumer is quite different from the other 2 consumer groups. While the Ecosexual Consumer is very concerned about the environment, the Social Consumer is concerned about the social aspect. They tend to be very accepting of change. They will accept that they need to live a little longer. It is your responsibility to take into consideration the social aspect of your offering. If your offering involves social outings, which require a vehicle, your offering will be well received. However, if your offering involves telephone banks, which do not require a vehicle, your offering will likely be less well received. Social consumers appreciate that you take into consideration their needs, schedules, and availability. You should never underestimate the importance of the Social Consumer.

* Provide product information that is relevant and timely.

It is quite common for Social Consumers to overlook timely and relevant information. It is important to give them timely and relevant information. There is no harm in including the date of when a product was made, its composition and its strength. A Social Consumer wants to know these details in a timely manner.

* Avoid carrying bulky or heavy products

Contrary to what a Consumerist thinks, Social Consumers do not require the power of a batter in their lives. They tend to be light people and a light vehicle is helpful for them. However, heavy and bulky products do not fit in their lives and can obstruct their ability to get places. It is important to find a good balance that will give them the desired product, without a hazard or risk to them or their possessions.

* Consider quality in the weight of the products

On the other hand, the Ecosexual Consumer is concerned about the quality of the products. He is likely to choose light and toxin free products as his choice. On the other hand, the the Social Consumer is concerned with the composition and strength of the product. As they tend to be quite healthy and strong, his standard tends to be quite low. However, there are a number of consumer products that fit into this consumer group and you may be able to choose such a product for your consumer choice.

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