Jun 19, 2021

Essay on Waste Management in a Park


In a park that is big it can have many things because it will have more space to be used. A park that is big and spacious can have many things because it has more room to do different things. And some parks are little. They are tiny in size, which means they are short and that allows children to play freely with some ease. They are called miniature because they are very small, but they can also have some things in it.

A park can be big or small, and it can be in the big city or in the small village, but the important thing is that it should be safe to children of all ages.

Why safety in a park is important:

Essay on Waste Management in a Park

Because it is important to them. If a child becomes scared in a park that is big, then it could be a problem for him later on in his life. Because people who are afraid in parks become upset because they are not able to communicate with other people. And they can cause problems for people who are not afraid. If there are too many of them, then it can cause trouble. Even with people who are not afraid. So the important thing is to keep it small and mini-sized.

These are the three things that are important to children and adults of all ages in a park. And these three things are very beneficial to a park to make it a success.

Safety is a must for children:

First, the park should be safe to children. The children must feel safe and it must contain many things they can enjoy together. There must be many things for them to do so that they do not become bored. As soon as a child begins to get bored, then he can cause damage to the park. As soon as damage is done, then the park will not be a success.

Fitness Equipment:

Second, a park must contain fitness equipment that helps them to get in shape. If there is no fitness equipment in a park, then it will be a small success. A park should have benches so that old and young can have a break and recover.

Greenery is the most important factor in a Park:

And lastly, a park should have lots of trees in it so that children can breathe oxygen while they are outside. Trees are very important to a child and if there is not a lot of trees in a park, then it will be a small success.

Ways to reduce waste in a park:

* When hiring facilities in a park, the more the better. So keep the facility costs down by having one facility per park.

* Remove the waste from the facilities and if possible, transport it to another place.

Use discount for not using harmful packaging:

* Take the products of the facilities and keep them at the disposal of the users. For each portion of the facility that is bought by the users, then the users should be offered a discount. This discount should be attractive enough that the users will buy it. The same is for the waste that is taken out of the facility.

* Remove the user passes for the facility. The users should get a certificate of eligibility to use the facility. This way the users should be required to go to the park for their check-up and maintenance. This way the users will be reminded and the children will be safe.

* Have a food stall or some fruit stands so that the children can eat.

* Encourage children to spend time outside.

Think in Simple way:

Waste management in a park should be a simple way to keep the area clean and tidy and also to make the park more interesting. To make the waste management in a park effective, a park should have the following features:

* Waste segregation:

All waste should be taken to the appropriate bins. Waste that is being transported should have a signboard that explains the purpose of the waste. All waste that is taken out should have a signboard that says, "For taking Away". It should be clearly understood what is to be done with the waste.

* Waste Storage:

There should be a place for waste that cannot be recycled. The waste storage should be large enough to house the waste that cannot be recycled. This way it should be possible to segregate waste in the storage room.

* Waste Disposal:

All waste should be taken away by the refuse collection van or the staff members. The waste that is taken out should be collected properly and sent to the appropriate facility or proper units.

In many parks, waste management is ineffective and inefficient. The park managers should be encouraged to implement the measures that are mentioned above so that the waste management in the park would be effective and less harmful. Waste management in a park should also be available to all the users of the park in a way that is friendly to the environment.

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