Jun 17, 2021

Living With Limitations Essay for Student of Class 12 ICSE CBSE

469 Words Essay

Be said for the 'right time' that a person is most likely to be successful. The right time is relative to the person and that person's circumstances.

The right time is relative to the person:

Therefore, all advice that I'm about to give with regards to the importance of a particular situation must be interpreted with this in mind.

Remember easier Situation is a high performance time to deal with harder situation:

Living With Limitations Essay for Student of Class 12 ICSE CBSE

It's essential to remember that a person is likely to perform well in any situation and do something he might not do if the situation was easier. For example, a person may be less likely to be successful in achieving self-improvement by being more popular with a group of friends, because it would be easier for him to do if everyone liked him.

The current situation is the most important time to think and perform and to remember the threat of harder situation:

It is also important to remember that there is only ever one time for every situation and that situation is the current one. All advice on a situation is therefore in relation to the current situation.

Think about the right time:

The 'right time' is relative to the person and what he is doing at that time. The advice is therefore no longer valid and doesn't apply anymore. For example, advice given to a person who has been promoted to be more social is likely to be less applicable because the next step for that person would be to meet people who also supported him in becoming the next most popular person in the organisation.

Situations are different for each individual:

It's important that we always appreciate the importance of a situation and that we are willing to make the effort of accepting that situations are different for each individual. There is no set 'right time' or 'right situation' that will work for every person. For example, it's possible to become more successful in life when you have health issues, but it's unlikely to be the ideal time for someone with physical problems.

What matters the most:

The only thing that matters is what you do at that time, and your willingness to change things if they don't work for you at that time. This is important in order to make your life the way you want it and to enjoy it. If you are a person who hates to meet new people, then it's best to avoid social situations if you have health issues, but be willing to accept that this will mean living with certain limitations in certain situations. If you think you would be good with finances, then I would advise you to take up banking courses, but be willing to change jobs if you have to. It's important to accept that situations change for everyone and that you can change your situation.


Be honest about your limits and be prepared to change them, because if you don't then you are likely to be trying to do everything all at once and find that nothing works, but if you are honest about your limits, then you'll find that eventually, you'll find what works for you.

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