Jun 17, 2021

What is Life Definition? How our way of life is different from God's way - Essay

Life Definition (My Way)- Life is the most valuable Gift of God to us, as we enjoy and taste our life with valuable sense organ gifted by God, free of cost. God is controlling everything including earth, sky and space ( Qaaynat in Urdu). As per Quran God is tasting us for who is living according to the God's rule or according to one's free will.

What said exactly in Quran about What is Life? It is mentioned in the last part of Para 29 of Quran:

Be very aware that the life of the world is just a game, a spectacle, a joke and pride amongst each other, and In wealth and children, one has to tell himself more than the other.

In Hindi but with Urdu words, the meaning is more accurate:

खूब जान रखो कि दुनिया की जिंदगी सिर्फ खेल तमाशा जीनत और आपस में फख्रo गुरूर और मालों औलाद में एक का दूसरों से अपने आपको जादा बतलाना है

Do you know what happens when you enter and leave the physical world?

When you pass on to the next life you have to pass through a certain set of circumstances. But the real question is, are you aware of what you have to pass through? Are you truly aware?

Friends I will write this article later with Quran's point of View.

Most people are unaware of what they are facing and the extent of the trauma they have already undergone in their lives. The sad truth is that most people who have died have not gone through the experience of leaving the physical world, having their soul awaken and experience the new life they were going to enter. Most people have been forced to temporarily leave their family and friends during their life's journey and they will never get around to going through the process of entering a new life.

Think about the work you will need to do:

So before you make the final step and say goodbye to your physical life, think about the work you will need to do when you leave. If you live your life according to what you experience during your life you will find that the transition to your new life is quite challenging.

You need to be very focused on your Goal of Life:

If you are going to enter a new life you need to be prepared for a lengthy process. You need to be very focused on your goals and the goals they own. You must be prepared for a process that will require you to be silent in certain parts of your life. You must be quiet and must be quiet to stop living in your mind. When you go into your new life you will also need to learn to be quiet in certain circumstances to stop the chaos that might disrupt your ability to enter your new life.

You must learn to relax to stop living in your body

The need to relax to stop living in your body is quite hard for most people to deal with. So they have difficulty slowing down the processes of life that they are already experiencing. This need to temporarily live another life is common in people who have endured sexual abuse and in people who have been deeply affected by natural disasters such as earthquakes and volcanic eruptions.

The trauma of Few People:

These people often take time to deal with their grief and they may continue to be in a state of slow living or suspended animation to deal with their trauma. They are unable to let go of their old life and they live their lives in a state of extreme fear. They are afraid to be alive because they fear they will relive their trauma. The trauma is keeping them alive but they are not living their lives.

Spirit is the spark of life:

Slow living or suspended animation means that you are frozen in place so that you can't move. Your spirit stays behind to rest and recover. Spirit is the spark of life that brings to you your life experience from the energy of the universe. The spirit enables you to live from memories and experiences that you have stored in the body. There is a need to release the traumatic memories that have been stored in the body.

The goal is to be able to wake up from your suspended animation when the time is right so that you can let go of your past.

In order to let go of the past, you may need to revisit the events to release them so that you can release them. The more you revisit the memories the more they will release from your body and you will be able to let go of the past. You may need to go back and rediscover experiences from your past that were traumatic for you.

You will need help and support.

In order to let go of the past, you will need help and support. You will need people who will support you as you let go of the past and as you allow yourself to live a life that is written for you in the image of God.

Ask for God's help:

If you feel like you have been reliving something over and over again and don't know why ask for God's help. Remember, God knows everything about you and it is in Him that you trust His plans for you. You may need to ask someone to help you release the past so that you can move on. You may need to trust that God's power will lead you to the life that He has called you to live.

Reliving a traumatic experience:

Reliving a traumatic experience means that you are replaying the events to experience the pain over and over again. It is related to replaying the tape of your traumatic experience over and over again so that the experience will remain fresh in your mind. This process is very common in people who have suffered an extremely traumatic experience like the 9/11 terrorist attacks.

The key question to ask yourself is: What difference can I make today?

Sometimes the key is to trust that God has called you to lead a life that is different from the life you are living now. If you have been reliving the 9/11 terrorist attack every day since you have been suffering from PTSD, now is the time to lead a life that is different than the one that you are living now.

Few incidents do not fit with your mental health:

You may be reliving 9/11 every day since you have been leading a life that doesn't fit with your mental health needs. It is about trusting that God has called you to lead a life that will better serve you. Now is the time to step out and lead a life that God has called you to lead. Remember, God knows everything about you. He created you in His image. He cares about your path and will guide you on the path that aligns with your mission.

You need full trust in God:

You may need to trust that God is leading you to a new and better life. He is a source of knowledge and will allow you to grow and prosper on the path you are on now. There are many things that God wants you to be on top of your game. He wants you to be balanced, mature, and purposeful in your life. It is about being content with what you have and working towards what He has called you to be.


After experiencing a traumatic experience, some people have low self-esteem and are not really living the life that God designed for them to live. After experiencing such a traumatic event, many people experience such feelings as anxiety, anger, fear, depression, guilt, resentment, and revenge.

It is important to remember that this is all your body's natural response to a traumatic event.

It is important to remember that even though we can learn from our traumatic experiences, they can still be difficult to deal with.

God knows all:

It is important to remember that no matter what, it is essential to remember that God knows about every single thing. We cannot hide from the truth. This is important because if we do not believe that God knows about everything then God will not allow us to forget the truth. It is our truth.

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