Sep 13, 2021

Essay Healthy Body have healthy Mind for Class 10

995 Words Essay:

How to Focus:

Able to have a clear image of what it is you want. You can use imagination. Let go of the need to see it with your five senses. If you can get out of your head and visualize, you can achieve it. If you do it in your imagination, it will feel real to you. You can feel yourself doing it.

How to Realise imagination:

Get into your imagination, imagine it, feel it, and it will happen. But be sure to do it in a state of complete detachment. Get into your fantasy, dream it, believe it, and it will come to pass.

Perfect mind for perfect Life:

This is the key to everything. This is the one thing we need to focus on to move our lives forward. What's the key to having the perfect and healthy mind for your perfect life? It's the way you think. There is no better tool to have in your tool box than the power of thought. You have thought patterns, desires and attitudes that you need to clear out of your mind and into your subconscious. Think about it, you can't possibly imagine every thought pattern that is in your mind. If you were, you'd have no brain power left to think. That's ridiculous.

So, to change your mind, you must change the thoughts you have.

You must train your mind to not focus on the things that hinder you.

You must train your mind to focus on the things that make you happy.

People think they need to know everything:

The problem is that most people think they need to know the details of what they want to happen in order to have it. But when you think of your perfect life as you want it. It keeps reverting back to you the details of how you want it to be. But, it won't get achieved.

You have to start with what you want to achieve.

You have to start with what you want to achieve. Then, you start moving towards it. When you train your mind to focus on the positive things, it will begin to eliminate negative thoughts. That will keep you moving towards your perfection. That's the simple secret to having a mind that will move you towards your goals and bring success.

What you think and what you feel are in a straight-line relationship. Anything you think will create more of what you think. So, you have to continually push away anything negative, hateful, and keep them out. The thoughts of happiness and faith will take care of themselves. You won't have to focus on them anymore.

The key is to keep your faith undiminished in the things God said will happen. And your feelings undiminished in the things you already know are going to happen. The things you don't know. You also need to undiminished the negative ones and keep the good ones as they are. You don't need to know the hows. All you need to do is focus on the here and now. Keep focused.

healthy body and helthy mind

I once found myself in a situation where I had to tell someone what I was doing. I was the only one that knew what I was doing, but I thought I'd better tell 'em so they wouldn't think I was a "weird person." I wanted them to know what I was doing. I told 'em what I was doing. They couldn't believe it, but within a few days they realized it. Within a month, I was promoted.

You need to think on the most positive way possible. Not negative. Not positive. Think on a positive level. Don't go thinking "That's too hard," think "I can do that." Think about a happy result. But think about the result you want. If you want to win a million dollars, think about winning a million dollars. If you want to have a great relationship, think about the relationship is a great place. Think about the end result, and don't let doubt creep in. Keep your focus on what you want to achieve.

The Universe has its own way of getting things done. In order for us to get a great job, we need to be bright and aware. If we aren't, the Universe will find someone that can take our place, someone who is smarter than us, better looking, or has better connections. We also need to focus on a specific place. The places that we want to have great relationships are bright and aware, focused on, and willing to invest our energy in. If we don't do this, the Universe will find someone who is willing and able to fill that role.

The positive way to take advantage of the Law of Attraction is to be willing to put in the effort. If we aren't willing to put in the effort, we need to be more positive in our thoughts. If we aren't happy with our current situation, we need to keep focused on the bright and positive future we want to have. We also need to be willing to invest our energy in other people's success. As I keep writing this, I can already see positive energy flowing my way.

I have a great job and have a great relationship. This positive energy has attracted even more positive energy to me. I am constantly getting calls from people I know, telling me they have a job that they are passionate about. I'm keeping my focus on my bright future and I keep my focus on them. It is these positive connections that take care of my need for happiness. The universe is like a battery, the energy flows in and out, so if I am constantly on the phone with people, I will need to keep my focus on them to keep getting my wants.

In order to get what we want, we have to be willing to put in the effort. In order to keep getting what we want, we need to be focused on our bright future.

Do you have what it takes to be happy and successful? Please share in the comments below.

I wish you freedom from worry, prosperity, and success!

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