Sep 9, 2021

Teachers shape the future Essay for School Students Class 10

572 Words Essay:

Teachers have the power:

Teachers have the power to shape the future of a nation. A country with a high proportion of teachers can surprise the world regarding shaping future of the nation. They believe that educating children is a big drive for success of any nation. Good teachers are the destiny for greatness of future of our society. A country with a low proportion of teachers who have no interest in educating children is destined for mediocrity.

Teachers shape the future Essay for School  Students Class 10

Teachers shape the future of a nation through the quality of the schools. They found, the programs that they devise, the standards that they strive to achieve, the methods that they use and the reward that they confer upon children for performing to the best of their ability.

The quality of a country's schools are influenced by how teacher decide to organize their classes, the curriculums that they use and the methods that they use to teach. Teacher decide the scope of their study in history, languages, art, geography, music, physical education and religion. Children are expected to take part in these studies and in extracurricular activities.

Role of Teachers:

Role of teachers

If a country has a large proportion of teachers who are dedicated to the idea that children are the future, it is also destined for success. These teachers have a responsibility towards these children and in order to accomplish this responsibility. They have to be aware of the child's behavior, to evaluate the child's strengths and weaknesses and to guide the child to achieve his potential. The children are expected to set the example and if necessary take orders from the teacher.

If a country's teachers are motivated to raise the level of the country's performance in international comparison tests, it will also be a successful endeavor. These teachers are asked to make extra efforts to ensure that children spend an appropriate amount of time at school outside the classroom doing things that help the child become aware of the environment in which he lives, learning to interact in social environments and taking part in extracurricular activities.

These extra curricular activities can include watching TV, working on their projects and sports (even competitive sports) activities, cooking for themselves and getting involved in arts and crafts. The teachers are expected to be creative and imaginative, taking advantage of opportunities for teaching children and to build reading, writing, mathematics and problem solving skills. There are many children's education programs that work hard to enable children to learn vital skills that are critical for living a happy and healthy life.

> What are children's education programs? > Children's education programs are the programs that the country's schoolchildren are organized according to their abilities, allowing the children to specialize in areas that interest them.

> The programs are organized according to the child's abilities and interests, with smaller children grouped together and older children separated according to their level of understanding. The programs encourage children to learn by doing rather than by watching TV or reading books.

> The children's education programs are organized to enable children to enjoy their school time.

> Children's education programs do not have tests as the main goal, instead they focus on the building of individual intelligence through the teaching of reading, math and science. Children are expected to be curious and interested in what they are learning.

> Children's education programs aim to help children develop a passion for learning.

> Children's education programs have taught children the values of education and self-confidence through engaging activities, thus giving children the independence to be able to think for themselves.

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