Sep 17, 2021

How to write Reflective Essay- Important Tips


Why Reflective Essays are Important

Reflective essays are a type of essay that entails the writer to share their thoughts and opinions on a topic. This essay is comprised of three parts: introduction, body and conclusion.

The introduction should establish the purpose and context for the essay. The body is where you would write your reflections on your past experience with the topic. The conclusion should be where you'll summarize what you learned from those reflections and how it changed your perspective or opinion of that experience or topic.

How to write Reflective Essay- Important Tips

This essay makes readers think about their own lives as well as those around them by examining different perspectives and how they intersect with your own life's story.

What You Should Know about Reflective Essays

The purpose of writing reflective essays is to explore the meaning, significance, or impact of an experience in one's life. Reflective essays are generally about personal experiences.

The reflective essay writing process typically starts with selecting a topic and reflection question. The writer then considers what they want to say about their topic by listing points or thoughts in a list or by making an outline. They need to be honest with themselves during this process so that they capture their true feelings and thoughts about the event being reflected upon.

How to Write a Reflective Essay

Some Reflective Essay Topics You Can Use as Inspiration

Reflective essays are written about a personal experience. They can be based on shared or private experience. The essay will contain the reflective part which conveys the thoughts and feelings of the writer and how they relate to what happened in their life.

This section consists of three parts:

1. Introduction paragraph: Introduce what the essay will be about and why you want to write it 2. Body paragraphs: Write paragraphs detailing your experience and how it relates to your life 3. Conclusion paragraph: Summarize what you have said in this essay, and if you would do anything differently next time

Some Reflective Essay Topics You Can Use as Inspiration

Reflective essay topics are meant to be written from a first person perspective. However, it is also encouraged that you write on topics that matter to you so that the reader can see your personality.

A reflective essay is a type of paper which allows a writer to delve into their thoughts and reflections on something they have done, thought about or felt. It is one of the most popular assignment types in high school and college writing classes.

The following are reflective essay topics that can be used for inspiration:

What am I grateful for?

What am I afraid of?

What am I passionate about?

What am I looking forward to?


Best Tips from the Pros For Writing a Great Reflective Essay The conclusion is the last part of your essay. It should summarize your main arguments and provide readers with a sense of closure.

A successful conclusion will not only summarize what you have written but will also tie it back to your introduction, which is where you set the stage for the rest of the essay.

The conclusion should answer any unanswered questions raised in the body of your work, recap your main points, and leave readers with something to think about long after they stop reading.

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