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Aug 26, 2013

Essay on Importance of Cleanliness For Class 4 ( 598 words)

By Azra Ahmad: 598 Words :

When cleanliness word comes in our mind, our mind reminds the words like 'cleaning', 'cleaning services', 'clean house', 'maid' and most important 'health'. First we know the meaning of cleanliness. Cleanliness is the habit of keeping free of superficial imperfections.

Our Locality: Cleanliness is our social, important responsibility just like other social duties. Keeping our house clean is not the only requirement. We should think broadly for keeping our houses, neighbour areas, schools , foot-path, our body, our daily usable things etc. free of dirt and imperfections. Generally many have been noticed throwing  out dirt of their houses. We should keep clean our neighbour by assuring happiness of our neighbours by using local Dustbins. This will keep the area free of bacterial infections. The municipal persons should be contacted for regular evacuation of the Dustbin. Our personal cleanliness is very important and  the most compulsory part of ours to protect us from diseases like  malaria, Cholera, diarrhea, typhoid fever etc.

Personal cleanliness: We must wash our hand, mouth and face before eating anything. It is the most required activity we generally miss. We must use cleaning agent like Bleaching powder etc at regular interval. Whenever we take out our shoes , we must clean our leg with soap with a little massage. This is very important ; which maximum of us avoid. It is like that the foundation of the house  ignored on which whole erection is standing. Cleaning leg has very positive impact on our body balance , because it provides relaxation to our mind. We must clean vegetables before cooking it. Very simple for doing it is just keep the vegetable half an hour in water to wash out all pesticides from its outer surface. We must cut our nails regularly. We should also clean nose, ear, hair root to keep us clean, tidy and fit. We should not touch our mouth and face frequently at public places. We must not go to our bed with school dress or with outer dresses to keep us and our house free from germs. Tooth cleaning is a must for everybody at night. Tooth brush is not sufficient.

Today  health aware people are using  'Dental Flosh' for keeping teeth completely clean.  Watch these images to learn the use of Dental Flosh.

Up to class 4 the above content is sufficient. For getting more interest from this articles continue reading below.

Preventive cleanliness: We must be accountable and aware for our daily activities. We should avoid using polythene. We should teach  mass by setting examples and not by only lectures. We should not spit here and there and also must not throw garbage or anything on the road also. We should use banners where possible and try to contribute whatever possibilities lie in our reach. We must avoid or try to keep pollution and pollutant at minimum level. 

Cleaning Equipments: If money is not a problem then cleaning equipments available today can save time and do much better job for maintaining cleanliness. To see the list of cleaning equipment click here. And I recommend you must watch the list of the modern equipments available in the market. It is because many of us don't know about those newly developed cleaning equipments.

Top five Cleaning agent: Bleaching powder, Phynile, Salphuric acid, Harpic (toilet cleaning agent may be of other brands), Hit (mosquito repellent)  are the few cleaning agents should  be used. In today's time we should keep our eating budget low and cleaning budget should be increased to protect us from increasing deadly diseases.

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