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Feb 28, 2014

Water Pollution Essay for Class 6

*What is water pollution:  Contamination of unwanted material (water pollutant)  with hygienic, fresh and healthy water, that makes it biologically unfit and unusable for its intended purpose, is called water pollution .

water pollution causes: Drainage water, chemicals and untreated water of  factories in form of sewage, solid and liquid excreta, Detergents, tree and bush debris, semi-cremated bodies, plastic wastes , animals bathing in lakes and ponds, food processing by-products 
and fertilizers containing nitrate and phosphate are the main causes of  water pollution.

But it may be concluded overall that man is the main causing agent to make water unfit for use by exploiting it lavishly and in indiscipline way without knowing the impact of their activities. In India and in most of the developing countries, the most prominent causes of water pollution are untreated sewage and the waste of hose-holds channelized to drain out the wastes of locality into river in an unorganised way.

Different countries have different dominant sources of water pollution. For example untreated water (drainage water) is the dominant sources of water pollution in India and in many other developing nations.

In Pakistan untreated sewage is also a big issue like India, but it is at larger scale. Watch these images. Only 51% of urban residents and 6% of rural residents have sanitation facilities as per 1987 data. Larger population of Pakistan are affected by water born diseases due to water pollution. (Resource wikipedia). The National conservation Agency of Pakistan reported that solid and liquid excreta; disposed on roadway into waterways; are one of the major source of water pollution in the country.

Developed countries has proper sanitation system but many developing countries are lacking to implement organized sanitation system and lack in water treatment process.

Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) of USA categories water pollution into two broad categories Point source (Direct source)  and non-point source(indirect source). Point sources include effluent outfalls from factories, public house-holds, refineries, waste treatment plants etc. Non-point sources of pollutants enter the waterway from soils and from the atmosphere via rain water. These pollutants are human and agricultural residue like fertilizers, pesticides etc.

American are estimated as 5%  of world population and  dispose 30% of  world wastes. About 5000 people worldwide die daily because of dirty drinking water. About 46% of lakes in America are too polluted for fishing and aquatic life. (Resource Blacksmith Institute EPA).

But USA has done marvelous job in installing wastewater projects in the country. Already 10 bigger cities have world class wastewater treatment plant.

* water pollution control methods:  Pollution control has become the most important subject worldwide, because pollution is going to threat whole ecosystem of the globe in the due course of time. Here are the main points to check the water pollution.

1. The most important part to control pollution is the house hold waste treatment before its disposal into river. And it is better to reuse treated fresh water. 
2. Open air disposal of solid and liquid excreta must be banned and proper sanitation facilities to be provided to all. It is big task but it must be started in phased manner.
3. Wastewater treatment plants(wastewater treatment plants Picture) are to be installed. The government needs to go on massive investment and the treated water and byproduct of these plant must be reused for better cost benefit for the national economic gain. This sector has bigger opportunity globally. Already a mega undergoing project of wastewater treatment plant in Atotonilco, Hidalgo, Mexico  is in the completion mode .  It will be the largest wastewater treatment plant of its kind , having largest per day fresh water production capacity in the world. this project will be used for irrigation of 80000 ha land inTula valley of Hidalgo state of Mexico . This is an example for other nation to learn. Watch how wastewater treatment plant works this video .

Pictures and videos are given so that the school students have no problem in grasping the idea of writing essays on water pollution. Images give the one view big ideas to explain and to keep any matter in memories. So I recommend all to have a glimpse on the pollution images.
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Feb 20, 2014

A Complaint Letter against a Student

To file complains in official matter or to school is to be dealt carefully by going through the reason of the complain.
 So we must answer these question. 
1. What to complain 
and 2. How to file a complain?

To the point answer will be the correct way to complete the letter.
Here is a sample letter for a student who had been beaten by another miscreant student.

Question: Write a  complaint letter to the class teacher against a student who has recently beaten your son or daughter severely.
The Class Teacher,
XXX School

Sir/ Madam
Respectfully g beg to say that one Student named xxx had been severely my son (XXX) on his back at the time of school closing period on 18-02-20/4 . g noticed a dark spot at the back of my son .
(xxx) had been misbehaving physically my son for whole session of class Iv . 9 ignored and thought that the problem might got solved .
But this time the matter has crossed the bearable limit .
I therefore request you to kindly take necessary disciplinary action against (xxx) and oblige.

Thanking you ,
yours faithfully
F/0 (XXX)
class x
XXX School
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Feb 15, 2014

Prime Minister Essay for Class 9

Prime minister is the actual head of the government and PMO Office is the  coordinating window between PM and all ministers in the parliamentary system like India. Prime Minister leading with his team of council of ministers assist and advise the president in discharging of executive power to shape and control about all national affairs. He has to respond and responsible for all national functionaries, economic  affairs, future drive to strengthen nation in all respect.

Prime minister office (pmo website-,  National Security Council(NSC), prime minister relief fund etc are the assisting bodies to the Indian PM.

Role of the Prime Minister: The role of Prime Minister of India is very important for guiding nation wheel in right direction. His thoughts,  conviction and determination can provide nation a wonder of success as he carries the highest execution power of the cabinet. His dedicated service to the nation without fear and favour and ingenious potential can wipe the tears of every citizen.

The Prime Minister of India is the chief of government. He is chief advisor to the President of India. He being  leader of the majority party in parliament , leads the Council of Ministers. Sometimes deputy Prime minister assist the prime minister to bring political stability and sometime to provide strength to  coalition government. Sardar BallavBhai Patel was the first deputy PM and L K Ad want being the last PM. At current there is no any deputy PM. The salary of Indian pm is Rs. 160000.00.

Power of Prime Minister:
Prime minister has the  highest executive power in the parliamentary system cabinet( core group of ministers ). He can propose legislation in the cabinet and can dismiss any minister. He also allocates the different ministry to MPs (member of parliament). Some ministries are not located to anyone  but are headed by pm only. These are :
*Department of Space;
* Department of Atomic Energy;
*Ministry of Personnel, Public Grievances and Pensions;
*Ministry of Planning.
The unallocated ministries remains with the M'S portfolio.
Prime Minister is the highest representative of government of India at high level International   meetings. He being an advisor of President of India addresses nation regarding various issues.

Highest qualified prime minister: Dr. Manmohan Singh(13th and
current PM ) is the highest qualified PM not only in India but in the world.  It is our fortune to have the highest qualified PM as Dr. Manmohan Singh; who ignited economic reform in India when he was finance minister in Narsimha Rao government. Few person politically affiliated tagged him with unusual words. But history will judge the upside, downside, achievement and successes of all the Indian PM. I being an electrical engineer want to confirm that the success of the PM like him will cause history to  print the golden words in Indian success story. Soft words and cool mind with great intelligence  chart out the unmistakable footprints and overcomes the unprecedented national challenges.

Qualification of other prime ministers:
Pt. JawaharLal Nehru- Barrister.
Smt. Indira Gandhi- The great part of her education is Santiniketan . She had undergone schooling from European and British schools like Santiniketan and Oxford. Had weak academic carrier. Due to this she couldn't completed degree.
Lal Bahadur Shastri- He achieved first-class degree from the Kashi Vidyapeeth in 1926
Morarji Desai- He has graduated from Wilson College, Mumbai, he joined the civil service in Gujrat.
Rajiv Gandhi-For College education he went to UK and studied at the Imperial College London and Trinity College, Cambridge.
He was an average student and failed to receive a degree from either college. Become pilot in Indian Airlines.
V.P. Singh- B.A., LLB, B.Sc., Allahabad & Pune University.
P V Narsimha Rao- B A from Usmania University and Master Degree in law from Nagpur University.
Atal bihari Vajpeyi- He graduated in Hindi,  Sanskrit and English from Laxative Bai college Galway.  He completed MA from DAV College Kanpur.
I. K. Gujral- He got education from DAV College, Kanpur,
Hailey College of Commerce and Forman Christian College. Sir I. K. Gujral  has been honored with doctorate degrees ( including a Ph. D and a D.Litt. ).
List of prime ministers of india from 1947: at PMO office and at wikipedia with pics

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Feb 14, 2014

My Mother is My Best Friend Essay For Class 1

Mother's quotes: Mother is the most important creation of God after Adam (please be upon him); whose love is the purest, strongest and most natural than any relationship of human beings. 
Pointwise( 225 Words)*Mother is the most loving and caring women for us. 
Mother's Photograph, picture, image
*I celebrate Mother's Day with frill and pompous.
*For me, my mother is my best friend because, happiness always get multiply with her.*My Mother is most trustworthy than anyone else .
*She is very much generous to me.

*I feel much comfort with her.
*She knows my all negative points, still  her love continues flawlessly.
*I can express my any feeling and share whatever I have in my mind.
*My mother do everything for me from morning to evening.
*She support me when I am about to fall.
*She tells me that my son is the best child of the world.
*When I feel alone my heart gropes her.

*My mother always keeps eye on me and never bears my disappearance.
*I can share everything with her without fear.
*She is only in the world who thinks my betterment. 
*She gets up very early in the morning to prepare me.
*She see offs me everyday for school. 
*She waits me on the house door to receive me and to take of my bulky school bag.
*At my study time she struggles with me and help me for my homework. 
*I play with her when l get bore after study.
*I feel very sorry for my friend who has 'single mother'. He doesn't get fun of his father.
*Sometimes I find my mom idiotically funny.
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Feb 9, 2014

165 Words Essay on Winter Morning for Class 3

Morning of each Season have different look and feel. The scene of  'Winter morning walks'  is very encouraging to rethink about our
Cold Winter Morning
health. Winter morning brings cool natural beauty. It is the perfect time to gossip beside fire. The sunny beam of the winter morning looks very soft. Sometimes fogs are so dense that nothing remains visible at short distance. We should be careful while walking beside the roads. Many road accidents are in the history of winter foggy morning. It is very pleasant for absorbing  sunlight in the winter morning. It gives vitamin D and energy to us. It is very important and healthy to take sunlight at least for 10 minutes a day in winter. It's a doctor's advice.  Watching Puppies are much enthralling in winter morning. The children get up late. Delicious cakes and food are made in winter. Digestive system remains efficient. Days are shorter in winter. It makes very difficult to manage all task timely. Overall a winter morning is enjoyable in many ways.
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Feb 5, 2014

How to live Healthy Essay

Healthy living is shrewdness of containing unhealthy parameters within limit and practicing for "How to live Healthy". To keep us healthy we need 'healthy foods', 'healthy eating pyramid, and healthy tips and adopt austerity in life and distant yourself from the outer frill and complexity to activise peace and happiness.
First healthy tip: To keep us healthy we must kee our body weight at standard range. This is the basic rule. To know our correct body weight, we need to calculate our BMI (Body Mass Index). If our BMI is within normal limit then 60% health related problem will not enter in our lives and we can enjoy healthy life.
It is very basic thing advised by many doctors and we are very well known to this fact.
If our BMI is within normal range ( less than 25 for all )then it is clear that the weight of the body is at normal condition. At this condition anybody need not to try for weight loss. If BMI is greater than normal then it needs attention to bring it up to normal condition. There are many advice to loose weight.  But mind me loosing weight is very difficult. I am telling best life formula to keep yourself always healthy. The only thing that make difference in our life is that we think much about our health but do very less about our health. Or someone get health information and after two or three months he forgets and buisyness keeps him always busy. To test yourself ask these questions to yourself.
1. What is the calorific value of food items like rice potato cucumber etc.
2. What calories are burnt by walking one kilometre at 5 kilometres per hour  speed.
3. What is your BMI .
4. What is your BMR.
Many of us do lot of critical research about everything of profession related but avoid knowing the answers of above questions.
These general information make us alert careful and concious about our health. Here is my one tip of controlling obesity to restrict our BMI within limit.
How to control obesity to keep us healthy:
We know our theoratical calorie requirement is approximately 1700 calorie for women and approximately 2100 calorie for men. Minimum calorie requirement can be calculated with BMR (basal metabolic rate). BMR is the energy required to carry out body function like heartbeat, metabolic activity, lung function,  maintaining body temperature etc.
Actual  problem is that we have very less control on our greed of eating. While eating delicious food many of us think and decide not to eat over-dose next time. We say to our inner soul that next time I will surely control unnecessary and unwanted eating. But we usually fail to control our greed. Never let your duty or anything to pass on other day.  The things; which cannot be done now;  can't be done in future. The just decision work always better and put things completed in time. You must not eat more than needed. 
By controlling food intake:   If You take less food for a week equivalent to 3500 calories then you will lose half pound body weight roughly. But you must get proper advice from doctors because everyone has different body function and tge above is the general formula.
By walking: Here is the practical result of
SHealth software screen shot

calories burnt calculation measured with SHealth Android App. By walking 2.04 km at an average speed of 4.4 km/hr, 108 kcal is burnt in 26 minutes.
Today's scenario: A section of people have more than sufficient money to carry out fooding and lodging. But maximum of these people are suffering from obesity may be from small percentage. These people are advised to calculate his daily intake food. It is very simple. If you do nothing then your BMR approximately give the daily calorie requirement. If you work lightly then multiply BMR by 1 . 2 . That means your extra burnt calorie can be added to BMR to give your daily calorie intake. If you do medium activity then multiply with 1.4. If do hard work then multiply with 1.6 .
*How to measure intake calories mathematically (Or How to measure calories burnt): First we need to calculate our BMR as it gives daily calorie need of our body.
Harris-Benedict  revised equation for BMR:
For men:
P=(13.397 x w) + (4.799 x h) - (5.677x a) + 88.362
For women:
P=(9.247 x w) + (3.098 x h) - (4.330 x a) + 447.593
P= total energy produced by body in kilo calorie at rest condition.
w= weight in kilograms.
h= height in centimetres
a= age in years.
The Mufflin equation for RMR:
For men: (10 x w) + (6.25 x h) - (5 x a) + 5For women: (10 x w) + (6.25 x h) - (5 x a) - 161
BMR aldo can be calculated from this site.

General chart for CALORIES REQUIRED:
A 10 to 12-year-old child-2000 per day
12 to 14-year-old girl- 2200 per day
A 12 to 14-year-old boy-2600 per day
A 15 to 18-year-old gir-2600 per day
A 15 to 18-year-old boy-3000 per day
A man doing hard work-2500-4000 per day .
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