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Importance of Ramadan Essay | Roja | Ramjan

(342 Words): Revelation of the 'Quran' (the last message of Allah)  in the month of Ramadan of Islamic Calender Hijri makes this month most important. Also Importance of Ramadan can be signified and can be believed from its basic position as 3rd pillar out of five basic pillars of Islam (Shahadah, Namaj , Jakat, Roja (Fasting)  and Hajj). Ramadan is the 9th month of Islamic calendar (Hijri).

Ramadan (Roja) is not merely refraining from eating but to restrain oneself from selfish desire, wrong-doings , bad habits etc. Ramadan provide and command us to learn for controlling all sense organs from all bad habits. The last 10 night is 1000 tines more valuable in terms of degree of forgiveness by Allah S.W. T.(Subhan-W-Tala). It is called the night of Lalatul-Kadra. The Hell (Jahannum) remains closed. The Paradise (Jannat) remains open in this month.

Simply it is an opportunity to come more close to Allah  S.W.T as Ramadan (roja) is directly monitored by Allah S.W.T.(told by many Isla…

Rabindra Jayanti Celebration in My School Essay | 'Rabindranath Tagore' Composition for Class 4

Rabindra Jayanti Celebration Essay or compostion for grade 4:
Rabindranath Tagore was a great Indian poet. He being a poet was also an extraordinary thinker and set many footprints of liberal thought of life. He was a noble prize winner for "Gitanjali". 
Here I am explaining the celebration of the birth day of Rabindranath Tagore in our school.

At early morning our principal put a garlands on the portrait of Rabindranath Tagore. Just after a group song recited by children of various classes. After that two children recited a poem about the life history of Rabindranath Tagore one by one. A group dance (Bharatnatyam) performed by the students of class 8 and 10. At the end teachers  and students delivered the message of Rabindranath Tagore.  Thereafter the audience were requested to sing  Rabindra Sangeet. One person sang a beautiful  Rabindra Sangeet with harmonium.  After that our principal gave final message to the audience for learning great things in life by cultivating th…

Qualities of an Ideal Student Essay Class 8

(149 Words):The qualities of an ideal student are multifold. Students should primarily achieve physical fitness and moral strength. He should participate in sports, games, physical exercise and competitions. He must be eager for enhancing knowledge. He must be obsessive about thirst for knowledge. It is the obsession of cricket that made Sachin Tendulkar a Master Blaster. To prove the excellence in any field, one must be obsessive about that. Student should worship the knowledge. He should bring the rules and norms of mannered living and defend the right cause. He must help the needy and poor for the welfare of human society. He should be aggressive for service and sacrifice and he should prove it as a role model. His behaviour should be sweet and should have effectiveness in his speech. He should be a like a role model and mentor for encouragement, inspiration, forgiveness, socialism, moral, honesty and integrity.
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Global Warming and Its Effect Essay for Class 10

(479 words ): Global warming is the increase of average temperature of the Earth's surface  due to excessive amount of greenhouse gases such as carbon dioxide , carbon monoxide, CFC (Chlorofloro carbons ) etc. Global warming is also denoted by increase in the temperature of Earth surface air and ocean surface. Scientifically the understanding of global warming noticed by reduction in ice and snow,  change in water cycle,  rise in sea level and climate change. The literature of these events coerced scientist to think seriously about the changing pattern of these parameters. 
Global warming is an extremely serious issue. Day by day we are putting risk to our future. 
Since early of 20th century  the temperature of global air and ocean has been increased about 0. 8 °C. It has been concluded that increase in Canon dioxide are the primary reason of global warming. Deforestation 
Effects of Global warming:
The emission of greenhouse gases from vehicle and emissions of CFC gas from aircondit…

The Policeman Short Essay for Grade 8

(385 words essay) :The policeman is a responsible member of our society.  He is a government servant.  A policeman is a tall and strong person. His physical fitness is the most required criteria.  He keeps a small rod in his hand.  His duty is to keep peace and order in his area. People feel protected with his presence. He keeps close eye on bad people of the society. He reaches very fast at the place where people fight. His presence at the spot and his dress and personality put a fear of rule in people and the fight immediately gets stopped. If the people do not stop fighting then he takes them to police station for further proceeding. He also uses punishment against bad people. At night he does patrolling in a group twice thus he guards our house property at night. In festival time ; He sends the offenders to the court against judge for final punishment. On the occasion of fair and big meeting he maintain peace by applying law and order. On the occasion of festival he continues his …

Financial inclusion Essay for Class 12

(605 Words):Financial inclusion is the discharging of financial Services to low-income group of people or unbanked people and to a section of disadvantaged sections of society at an affordable cost.  That means provision of saving or  deposit services, payment , transfer , loans, credit and insurance services is the basic goal of financial inclusion.
In rural area financial services is still unreachable in most of the developing nation. It is assessed that the financial exclusion is one of the reason for  world wide poverty of a section of the disadvantaged people.  The fear of paper works and documentation had been a big barrier to bring low-income group of people in banking system. But in recent time people are taking the advantages of financial services. This has become   viable because of strong and feasible effort of government of respective countries and also due to growth in education system and also because of new thinking and confidence of the parents in education . The role of …