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Essay on 'A visit to a Theater ' For Class 5

Theatre is a place not only for watching movies but also to spend time with your loved ones because in this technological world we find no time to spend with our families. The theatre is a dark room indeed but it fills our mind with a brightness which is filled with joy. The characters in the movie make us laugh till our stomach hurt, we don't realise that in that moment we are not only living in the present but we are making memories which will intensify us into a human who has lived his life to the fullest. The most important thing other than the movie in the theatre which everyone loves is delicious, lip smacking popcorn. I visited the theatre for the first time when I was in my 5th grade, I was really excited to see the dark big room which had the biggest screen ever. The movie which I watched was "The Lion King" which was a Hollywood animated movie. I really had fun watching that movie and it was the best time of my childhood. During my teenage, I visited the thea…

Essay on How to deal with Boredom

It was said that "Time is like a sword. If you did not cut it, it will cut you." This saying was kept all by heart and told in most of our meetings and our events, but we often forget when we feel bored. Many of us miss the practical meaning of this parable and we get ourselves into a whole lot of trouble, boredom, frustration and discontent. We feel that there is no meaning to the life and adopt some wrong behaviors. That's because we do not know what to do and how to get out of the cycle of boredom. All religions have urged the need to exploit the time and spend what is useful. So Eliminating feeling bored task due. It is not a difficult or impossible, but easy to implement if anyone decides to fight the boredom, Here I sum up the most important steps to get rid of the boredom that have proved successful: 1. You must ask yourself why do I feel bored? If the cause is a routine you have to break it either by adding some new things or to do your work differently, …

Essay on Fashion Design

Fashion design is the art of the application designs and aesthetics, which are designed on the different tools and components such as clothing and accessories. It is influenced by different cultures that vary according to time and place.  Stylists are keen at the designs that take into account what the signs that point to these designs are. Fashion design is a craft,  an art, and  a skill; these elements must come together with each other to be an attractive design. It is taught in some specialized institutes  for these purposes and there are some centres held various courses for the beginners and advanced under the supervision of designers. They are currently held concerts under the supervision of a commercial reputation of international companies to provide fashion at parties In the presence of media in order to promote the work of these designs. There are many fashion designers who are working as part of a team to get out the best designs, the team contributes to the inspiratio…

Essay on 'You had a Wonderful Dream That Came True After Six Months'

Dreams we say are the infinite foam of imagination, it is that wonderful place where each and everything can happen, it is that place where we want to escape in, it is a story which is unsaid to anyone but ourselves. It is said that dreams come true when it is dreamt at dawn but is it true? only time will tell us. At first, I always dreamt in an unclear manner but as I dreamt on and on, I started getting engulfed in it. In my dreams, I always found myself atop of everything, be it a tree where I would climb on the top branch, be it a building where I would find myself on the top floor or be it a ferric wheel where the wheel would always stop on the top where I could gaze at the clouds. It felt very strange at first and I couldn't decipher the code behind it but when the dream kept presenting itself with various scenarios but with the same motive, I had to understand what was going on, it made me curious, it made me irresistible and I was famished for the very knowledge which was…