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Dec 30, 2016

Essay on Artificial Intelligence (against ) | Negative impacts of artificial intelligence

Science has developed itself skillfully, except that it's 2016 and we still don’t have a lamp with a genie inside it that can fulfill all our deepest desires. I say it has developed itself skillfully because they have created Robots by employing artificial intelligence on them. Robots are the mobile Google. They are made with human-like qualities in them.

With the advancement of technology, artificial intelligence is without a doubt, a hot topic these days. It has its share of merits but its demerits are also plenty. From its beginnings to the present time, Artificial Intelligence has had to face a series of problems.

Essay on Artificial Intelligence

Let’s have a look at some of them today!:
The main criticisms of artificial intelligence have to do with their inability to completely imitate a human being. The critics ignore that no single human has the capacity to solve all kinds of problems and authors like Howard Gardner have proposed that there are multiple bits of intelligence. An artificial intelligence system should solve problems. Therefore, it is fundamental in its design to delimit the types of problems that it will solve and the strategies and algorithms that it will use to find the solution. In humans, the ability to solve problems has two aspects: the innate aspects and the learned aspects.

Do not think:
Other experiments such as John Searle's Chinese Room have shown how a machine can simulate thought without having it and can pass many tests without even understanding what it does. Some have criticized this for the obvious fact that the machine is not actually thinking, but acting on a preset schedule. This criticism dissolves if one considers the education of humans as preset programs since education would be to transmit rules, procedures and algorithms to a student to solve problems and make decisions.

Depends on programs
The innate aspects allow, for example, to store and retrieve information in memory and learned aspects of solving a mathematical problem using the appropriate algorithm. Just as a human must have tools that allow him to solve certain problems, artificial systems must be programmed in such a way that they can solve certain problems. Many people consider that the Turing test has already been overcome. There are those who talk about an artificial intelligence program for a chat.

Replaces human being:
The negative impacts of artificial intelligence also include that it will replace man and many people will be left without work and not have money to pay their needs. Also, it will leave man without having to do anything since the machines would be the only ones doing the jobs and men will no longer be able to work as before.

Some other disadvantages of AI are:
1. The supplementation of human capacity to perform manual labor.
2. If we were able to equip the computer and / or electrical devices with intelligence, it could very well affect us adversely.
3. They do not have self-consciousness or emotions or self-awareness (emotions, sociability, etc.)
4. Cannot handle the true meaning of anything and can only do what is programmed.
5. Machines cannot really think.
6. General signature is not creative.

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Dec 23, 2016

Essay on Tiger for Class 2

Tiger is the member of the cat family. It is a carnivorous animal which is ferocious in its instincts. The family of cats is called Felidae and tiger falls under Pantherinae subfamily.

Their natural habitat is Asia and they are mostly found in grasslands and rain forests. During 20th century 100,000 tigers were alive worldwide but according to the statistics, in 2014, 3,200 tigers remain in the world, which implies that the live rate of tigers has dropped by 97 percent. Tigers are often killed for sport and folk remedies which are the reasons for the downfall of the big cats. The stripes on the tiger's body act like a camouflage and help them escape from human attacks.

Essay on Tiger for Class 2

The different species of tiger includes Bengal tiger, Siberian tiger, South China tiger, Javan tiger, Sumatran tiger, Malayan tiger, Caspian tiger, Indochinese tiger, Bali tiger. The tiger hybrids are Linger which results from the mating of a male lion and a tigress and Tigon is a result from the mating of a male tiger and a lioness. The tiger colours include a golden tiger and white tiger. The white tiger is formed because of the allele called chinchilla albinistic. The colour of the golden tiger is sometimes called 'golden tabby' and a young tiger is called a cub.

Thus we can conclude by saying that tigers are the majestic creatures created by God and we should join hands to help and save the endangered species because each and every life matters in this world.

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Dec 16, 2016

Essay on 'The Importance of Farmer' For Class 4

Farmers are the persons because of whom we are living a healthy life, it is because of them that we are able to eat three meals a day. It is because of them that we are not finding difficulty to produce our own food, they should be the one's who should be most respected in the society. Life of a farmer is ridden with poverty and they work very hard to make the ends meet. We should appreciate their hard work and thank them for the meal which we are able to eat with satiety.

Essay on

Imagine the world where farmers did not exist, it is for sure that our life wouldn't have been same as it is now. Many people waste food with or without the knowledge. I think that it is our duty to make sure that each and everyone knows the importance of farmers.

It is really very ironic to find that farmers who are the meal makers, find it difficult to eat food because they are deprived of all the basic amenities. According to the statistics, many farmers are committing suicide because they are unable to pay the loans or they are unable to provide for their family. It is really sad to know that the important persons in our life are making us happy but they themselves are not leading a happy life. It is really important that a general awareness should be made about the lives of farmers, they should be given free or affordable amenities to have a happy and prosperous life and farmers children should be given free education.

It is important that each and every farmer should be made aware with the recent advancement in the agrarian technology and they should be given this technology to make their life an easier road.

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Dec 15, 2016

Essay on 'The Role of the Media in raising Children'

Children need care and attention by their parents, also need a sound education. Through this sound education, children can stand up the society and the nation for better. In the past, the family was the only educator for children in cooperation with the school. However, many influences have entered in education with the evolution of life. The most important influence is the visible and audible media such as radio, TV and newspapers.Therefore, media has a significant impact on the education of the children.

The role of the media in raising children

The media is one of the most dangerous items that may affect the lives of our children, so it is easy to reach them in our home. There are no longer any limits or barriers to cross these means. It is a double-edged sword and we can determine the extent of their usefulness or harmfulness . In other words, media can affect children positively and negatively through the expansion of the perceptions of the individuals who can recognize the customs and cultures of different peoples. This leads to good behaviours and the development of civilization in some cases, but also is quoted with some wrong behaviours that don't commensurate with the teachings of the religion, customs and traditions of society and spread among the society, especially adolescents.

We do not deny that children have rights and duties that they must possess in the family, but at the same time there are things that should not be within their rights, so we must insist not to have them and prevent them to watch and see through the media.

To conclude, we have to hint that the parents should activate their role in monitoring their children from the media. We cannot close the door of evolution in front of our children, but surveillance must be directing them, and control over what they receive through these means and address them at the appropriate time whenever and whatever they receive from Information through it.

331 Words Essay by : Kareem Ghawi Abbas
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Dec 9, 2016

Essay on 'Significance of independence in my life'

Independence is something which everyone wants, which everyone needs and which everyone will fight for. Independence in my life is of utmost importance because without independence we are just surviving and not living life to our fullest.

The greatest example is of Independence which India fought for its country because as a whole a country cannot survive without being independent, then how can we? India has fought for its country through blood and sweat, through traumatic experiences and also, the memories are still remnant in the hearts of every individual who has seen independence. But we greatly celebrate the Independence day because we are happy that we are no longer crumbled and exploited in the hands of the colonisers. So I take inspiration from the past events .

Significance of independence in my life

Life is lived only once and the important part of life is having independence, i.e. living on your own terms and having a free spirited life. It is the most prized possession in any person's life because having a prison-like life will make a person lost.

A person will grow and find his true qualities only when he/she is given a chance to be independent and is also given his/her own space. There are many people in this world who are not given the chance to be independent, it is either because they are socially deprived or because of their inner mental inability.

Significance in my life of independence is like a bird in a cage, which is supposed to be free. The cage might be the outward forces or the inner one but realising your own values is important.

The importance of independence is not only in my life but also in the lives of others. Many sociological aspects can be said about this because there are many people in this world who are deprived of their freedom. The children are exploited through child labour and child marriage because they don't know the importance of freedom in their life, they don't know that having freedom in their life is their birthright.

Many women are also not given freedom to live on their own terms, they should know that life itself is freedom. Having freedom will make you alive, it will not let you be monotonous or unhappy. It should be us, who should free ourselves from the mental cage, from the imaginary prison and once we remove that, we will be in utmost serenity and glory.

The conclusion over here could be said that it has been said in many poems and prose, it has been indirectly hinted to us that fighting for our freedom is not rebellion but it is a right, it is a normal aspect which each and everyone should be made aware of and when we'll know the importance of it, we will develop from within, we will know what is right or wrong, we will strive, we will achieve and like the Independence day, we will also celebrate our own freedom.

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Dec 2, 2016

Essay on Demonitization ( नोट बंदी) in India

Demonitisation is a very good tool to arrest black money. It was implemented with a very good intention to make India free of parallel black economy and black money.

But the actual problem was in implementation. A lot of homework was needed for taking into account few critical issues of common people like critical illness, small business, old age people's concern , farmer's issues, inefficiency of rural banks etc. It is because demonitasation brought a phobia of non-eligibility of old currencies in hospital and other vital shops even after permission of the government for critical issues of common people. It is because government cannot manage each and every person. It has been noticed that many institutions and medical shops have denied to accept old currency. It is also because these person or institution might had black money and were unable to accept more old currencies. These are the hidden issues that must be thought before theoretical homework. A macro and micro assessment were needed for ground level problems.

As far as I know, the decision may brighten the future of nation, but it`s social benefit and loss cannot be calculated right now. And it is too early to produce data of benefit or loss. After 31st December the picture will be somewhat clear. A big support will be needed to correct the problems of small businessmen facing the monitory transaction.

Demonitisation ( नोट बंदी ) in more details:
Essay on Demonitization in India

Undeclared income is usually obtained through illegal means or is the direct result of corruption. A swift crackdown on this can lead to a weeding out of corruption on a nationwide scale, The government also mentioned this was a move to promote digital transactions and e-wallets so as to improve surveillance using economic transactions. A credit or debit card or ewallet transactions can be monitored via the banking computers and this can give the government precise data on what a person doing at different times of the day helping them identify potential criminals before they commit a crime. Separating anti-government and anti-national voices would be a key part of this surveillance. Any activity that tries to impact nationalistic sentiments should not be allowed but dissent is as much a part of democracy as elections and discouraging constructive criticism is not an acceptable practice in any democratic setup.

On November 8th 2016 the prime minister of India, announced on television that ₹1000 and ₹500 notes will no longer be legal tender from midnight that day. The timing of the announcement was impeccable, it was announced at night 8 o'clock on prime time television just as the news of Donald Trump’s election victory in the United States of America was filtering through. As soon as the announcement was made, questions were raised about the legality of the issue. The paper currency of a country is given its value by the gold reserves maintained by the Reserve Bank of the country. This reserve gives the reserve bank governor the power to distribute legal documents to the citizens that we refer to as currency notes. It is ultimately the decision of the reserve bank governor if a currency can be legal tender or not and the Prime Minister’s popularity made him the perfect person to announce this move to the country. In his announcement the prime minister said this is a move to combat undeclared income and counterfeit currency.

Demonetization was a major move in keeping with the Government’s promise to tax all undeclared assets in the nation. Over the course of the years the government had asked citizens to declare their undeclared assets with increasing fines the later they declared it. The fines levied increased rapidly during the course of the last two years with 10% tax being levied at the start of the tenure now increasing to 45% tax for those who declare undeclared assets by September 2017. The prime minister in his speech announcing demonetization said that 1.25 lakh crore rupees of black money had been already retrieved. A retrospective look on whether demonetisation was necessary is an exercise of futility. What is more significant is understanding the impact it will have on the economic, social and political situation in the country. ₹1000 and ₹500 notes made up roughly 85% of the circulating cash in the country. An overnight announcement giving no time for preparation left a large percentage of the country cashless. This threw the banks into crisis control mode with long lines being the norm in every branch. There were numerous instances of crowds becoming uncontrollable and causing damage to bank property. The biggest impact was the non-functioning of ATMs as they were not recalibrated for the new notes. The Reserve Bank had instructed the banks to stock ATMs with 100 rupee notes. Prime Minister gave strong decision to not to levy toll tax to keep the economy on right track. In real sense it helped a lot to the road transport. The old currencies validation at Indian Railway was also a big support to the railway transport. These decisions were very much effective to save the foundation of our economy. These decisions are praiseworthy.

The immediate after effect of demonetization was a cash crunch like never before. The lines at banks meant that essential human resource was wasted standing in queues and this meant the economy was almost at a standstill. Most of the transactions that would have happened on a daily basis ceased almost completely. In rural regions essential services including health care was delayed and the agriculture sector employees were affected heavily. The biggest benefactors were digital wallets and the netbanking sector, Paytm-a digital wallet application reported a 300% increase in downloads. It is assumed that undeclared income of rupees four lakh crores from various sources all over the country will be recovered or become redundant. Economists predict that over the long term, demonetization will lead to reduced interest rates and also cause an increase in investment in the real estate sector. The smallest action is better than the greatest intention-even though demonetization was announced with good intentions-it affected the lower and middle class heavily as compared to the affluent class.

There is no doubt that e-transaction will strengthen the people of India. It will brings the transparency in the economy. We can sure hope a good future with this decision. The black money must be arrested at any cost. We should learn quickly the e-transaction process to make paperless economy.

The facts and figures are completely a personal assessment and tried best to present in correct form, however you need to match the data from other resources also.

This is a complete personal view. It is not in support to anybody or any organisation etc. It is an article completely in the interest of the nation. You can give your views in the comment box.

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