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Mar 16, 2018

Essay on the Effect of Unemployment on Youth and Society

Employment is the pinnacle of every individual. It does not only give people path, but it gives everyone hope because it acts as the foundation of the family’s growth.

Desk jobs or not, it is what making a career is all about. It is being financially secure so that you can meet any obstacles in life. The main aim of schools and colleges is to prepare individuals to face employment, which is the reason why it is the crucial part of anyone’s life.

Essay on the effect of unemployment on youth and society

Over the years, we have seen a bane in the employment area because of various reasons like:

1. The tremendous increase in population: The population growth has created a lot of adverse effects on the society where one of them is an increase in unemployment. The expansion of population means an increase in competition, which in turn leads to an increase in unemployment which resulted in drastic effects on youth and society

2. Language issue: A third world country often faces the difficulty of bilingualism where not knowing the much-demanded language ‘English’ is often the biggest reason for unemployment.

3. Limited qualification or experience: With an increase in competition, the companies often require its employees to have a qualification of considerable high standard or experience of certain years, which highly jeopardises the cut off for employment.

Therefore there are many other reasons which are responsible for unemployment where the effects of it are very tragic or stressful.

1. One of the tragic effects of unemployment on youth and society is distress and suicide. If looked at the statistics, the bar graph shows an increase in the suicidal rate because of the increase in the unemployment rate.

2. Unemployment is synonymous with having an adverse effect on your mind. Not being able to do anything for yourself and society often leads to psychological effects where people might even go to the extent of drinking, smoking, etc. This is often the initial stage which may develop into a fatal effect.

3. An initial unemployment is stressful but as time passes, it may also turn into chronic unemployment which may result in an individual going out of the track where he might seem less attractive to the employers because of his chronic unemployment.

Therefore, society is made up of youth; the growth of the society depends on them and if it is hindered because of unemployment, it drastically affects society in terms of the development of not only the society but also the nation. So we as an individual and a nation should come together in dealing with this issue, which may be chronic so that it ensures the longevity of the nation as a whole.

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Mar 9, 2018

Composition On Don't Grumble. Make the Best Use of The Things You Have. When Life Throws You Lemons, Make A Lemonade.

It is rightly said that we understand the true value of things only when they are taken away from us.

This phrase showcases positivity and optimism in the face of misfortune and adversity.

Never wait for the perfect circumstance to achieve your goals. Waiting until the universe conspires in an instant of perfect circumstances to encourage you to work for your goals will only be the way never to reach them.

You see, maybe in these moments, you cannot work for your goals the way you would like. You still do not have the money, the training, you have not met the right person yet; you do not have enough maturity; it is not the right time, etc. The point is that this becomes an excuse for procrastination, and never to undertake anything.

It's time to act. If all life has given you are lemons, just make do with them the best way you can. Make your best lemonade!

Composition On Don

This is life - to get the best out of what we have. Instead of lamenting and blaming others for our "misfortunes," it is better to take charge and get the best out of your lemons, get the juice out of those lemons, and prepare a delicious lemonade.

The best and greatest men in history were characterized by doing what others considered unattainable. Everyone complained that they only had lemons while they were dedicated to making the most out of the circumstances they were offered.

I use this phrase a lot in my personal life because I always have goals, and some of them may not yet be within my reach. But that does not mean I remain motionless, waiting for the perfect circumstances. Rather, I use all the lemons that I get from life and make the best lemonade for myself.

Life will not give you more and better lemons until you use the ones you already have. But if you never use what it gives you, then how do you expect it to give you more?

Act now,and you will see that progressively, your lemons are becoming much better and varied, giving your existence a variety of nuances, and you will enjoy the variety of its flavors.

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Mar 2, 2018

Essay on Where is the will there is the way

Within the thrones of failure blooms tangible flowers of success. The phrase “where is the will there is the way” hails this truth.

Failure is not the end, but a new beginning. Will power, determination, perseverance, hope or constantly striving to be a better self are words of a common creed. Will power had has navigated mankind, as well as, other life forms through rumbling oceans, heavenly cliffs and macabrely trenches. Will power is the tough roots of an oak tree up against the breeze that swept off its leafy crown.

Essay on Where is the will there is the way

Will power or determination is a constant effort of a creature to find a working solution to its problems. To be more precise, it is an effort to seek happiness in times of sorrow, longing for success after an episode of failure or accepting oneself after being dumped. Animals also exhibit will power as they show astonishing feat to get rid of predators and feed them. Optimistic persons have always hoped for a better world and ever growing humanity. So, everyone has a different perception of diligence, but it is an inborn ability to strive for goals and survival even if smitten by harsh conditions or downtrodden. Come what may, a highly determined person never loses hope and continues to make small strides forward.

Now, on the scientific front term will power seems equally alluring. Since the birth of the life, every organism has been anointed with this power to sustain. Darwin was the first to observe this reflection of perseverance in nature. Natural selection is nothing but a way to defy conditions and emerge victorious out of an environment full of chaos and uncertainties. To live is to incur the risk, but being positive and a willingness to change significantly lowers the risk. Therefore will power is not about being steadfast but it's an overly increasing acceptability for a positive change.

To conclude, will power is a powerful character of mankind. No man without the will power has ever achieved anything in life. We take pride in tales of valor of our ancestors, passed down to us through generations. Mahatma Gandhi, Booker T. Washington, Maharana Pratap and Abraham Lincoln are remembered for their endeavors to change the world besides altering the mindset of folks. They led societies to a new era. They were the persons with immense will power and courage. All mediocre efforts become exceptionally fruitful when complimented by the power of will. A person brave enough to dream, is also brave enough to accomplish those dreams through will power.

So let your will power be your guide over the continuum of hardships and finally reach your destination. A sincere effort always gives a positive result.

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