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Essay on My House on Fire Class 4

It was getting dark, maybe 8 PM at the night. I was on my roof enjoying the pleasant weather peacefully when I suddenly heard a loud scream of my mother. I turned back and was left dumbfounded. It was fire on my own house. I was stuck on the roof and my mother & sister were there on the downstairs. Neither I could go downstairs nor could they come upstairs. I was crying with the fear because I was alone there. The flames were raising and so were my heartbeats. I was just crying and crying. The clouds of smokes and the horrible flames were approaching me. Suddenly, I heard a voice coming beside me. It was my neighbor Rahul who came to rescue me after jumping from his roof. He took me in his lap and ran away from there. When I reached in their house, I took a sigh of relief after finding my mother & sister safe. We were taken safely out off the house but our house was burnt almost into ashes before the fire brigade could come. After 2 hours of continue efforts of putting o…

Essay on Importance of Practical Approach Of Education

Education, no doubt, is the threshold of knowledge. Education imparted by schools has given tremendous knowledge to students who have later excelled in their fields. But as ideologies emerge, education has lost its meaning over the years. The main reason goes to the corruption of the system which has a disjuncture in the overall outlook. Students over the years have lost interest in studies because the focus is given more on theoretical aspect rather than the practical approach. Over the years, keeping in mind the changes in the student’s approach towards studies, a lot of methodologies in imparting education have been introduced where attending classes have become a matter of option. The relevant reasons which support this thought are that:
1. Sitting in the classroom, listening to long lectures will be of no use because there is no practical approach to whatever is being taught. 2. Rather than the school concentrating on the attendance of high school students, they shou…

Essay on Autobiography of a Rose Flower

"My little rose, when problems come our way, it makes us better." My mother Earth always said this to me when I was a little plant. This is because I always wondered and asked her questions. "Why is my stem body full of thorns? Why do they prick me all the time? I don't see them on my friends. Jasmine, Sunflower and Lily are all free of thorns. Why can't I be like them?" Hearing my questions my mother used to always smile and answer. She used to say, "My little rose, you are a natural beauty. You do have thorns on you but they are here to help you. They will make you grow into a beautiful flower. It will also make you stronger. So it's okay to be different. You will get to see what I mean one day." I didn't understand what she said but her loving voice always made me happy. I grew up in a big garden. There were many plants here, and I loved being with them. As a little bud, I was very playful. My favourite time was when the dew droppe…

Essay on Autobiography of a Cricket Bat for Class 6

I am a wooden material and I am popular for my brown colour. I am very close to the hands of player. Can you guess me who I am. I am your most important demand of childhood. I am a cricket bat. I was in a toy shop for long time. Many children came to that shop. Many of them touched me and also hold me but due to my high cost, they used to leave me. I was getting bore in the shop. I was much excited to get someone's friendship, who can take me out from this shop. I did not want to lie in this boring shop anymore. One day a handsome boy named Sunil came to the shop. He straight came to me and asked to the shopkeeper that he wanted me. The shopkeeper told to see more bats of the shop. But Sunil did not listen him and asked my price. In one take he paid my price and took me out of that jail. I felt much happy to breath fresh air of outside world. My life have changed. I used to travel a new place almost in every week to play cricket. One after another Sunil achieved succes…