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May 24, 2021

Essay: Describe a Place you Visited that has been affected by Pollution

Right here I am going to tell regarding a city Patna which is in my view a polluted city. People are struggling with numerous health-related problems since of air noise, water as well as pollution.

Patna One of the famous city that I visited recently:

In Patna city, we are talking about one of the famous city in India, a small city with a very big pollution problems, both health-related and non-health related. And it's not a unique problem, other small cities are having the same problem. The non-health problems are caused by noise pollution.

Air Pollution in the City:

Essay: Describe a Place  you Visited that has been affected by Pollution

A lot of people in Patna are talking about air pollution, mostly, they are thinking about cardiac problems, respiratory problems, allergies, cancer, etc. A lot of people are complaining about Patna pollution levels, I think the actual levels of air pollution are not that dangerous. But how does pollution affect us?

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Effects of Air Pollution:

It affects us in various ways. It can irritate our respiratory tract and cause asthma, it can cause diseases like bronchitis, tuberculosis, pneumonia, etc. It can even be a factor for skin cancer.

History of Pollution level of Patna City:

The pollution levels in Patna city is very bad. According to an Indias clean air movement, it is between 415 to 491 parts per billion (ppb), in April 2005 it was at 394 ppb. But according to a study by RKMC, it can go as high as 584 ppb. So obviously the pollution level in Patna is between 415 and 584 ppb. The causes of pollution in Patna is smoke, vehicle exhausts, factory smoke and coal combustion.

How to control the Pollution of the city:

There are various ways to control the pollution level in Patna. One method is to reduce the smoke emitted from factories and use of motor vehicles. Another way is to make use of green vehicles and to walk or cycle around the city. A third way is to use air conditioning. The people of Patna are complaining that there are not enough spaces for cars in the city to go greener. The government is aware of the problem and is considering to build many eco friendly cities.

Study of Pollution of Delhi:

The study is being carried out to find out ways to reduce air pollution in Delhi. The study is being conducted to understand the type of pollutants that are released into Delhi's air and to find ways to reduce it. They are also looking into other factors like the type of vehicles and the driving habits of residents. If you are planning to move to Delhi, you might want to take the time to check the air pollution level in the city where you are and consider whether you would want to live or plan to live there.

Do you want to live in Green city:

If you are looking to live in green cities, then here is a list of cities that have achieved the standards of sustainability and environmental consciousness:

Most of the major cities of the world like Tokyo, Mexico City, Madrid, Jakarta and Delhi have also achieved the standards of sustainability and environmental consciousness, they have made a great effort to reduce the pollution levels in the air and have become a role model for other cities of the world.

The Best City in case of Green city:

Of all the green cities, London has achieved the best standard of sustainability of environmental consciousness, for they have made a great effort to reduce and minimize the pollution levels in the air. In the UK, we can be proud to boast of such a great air quality, as there was not one single outbreak of respiratory diseases between 2003 and 2006.

As of the mid-2000s, the air pollution levels in London were between 515 and 538 ppb, London's air quality improved by between 5 and 11 as per the standards of sustainability.

What is a Green city:

A green city is a city that reduces the use of vehicles for business trips, for shopping trips and for other typical urban activities, it is a plan to reduce and minimize the emission of greenhouse gases (GHGs). There is an emphasis on recycling waste water and treating rain water for irrigation purposes. It is a plan to avoid waste disposal, which includes: incineration, landfill, recycling and bio-energy. It aims to make the use of renewable energy (i.e. wind, solar, water power) as much as possible. A green city encourages the use of public transportation, bicycles, scooters, electric vehicles and mass transit. It provides a system of bike parking.

How to Find Nearest Green city:

If you want to move to a green city, then the first thing you need to do is to find a green city near you, you can use the green cities directory and locate the nearest green city near you.

There are many factors that influence the quality of life of a city. Here is a list of the factors that are important in shaping the quality of life of a city:

  • Climate
  • Urbanisation
  • Infrastructure
  • Economics
  • Transportation
  • Environment
  • Security
  • Ecosystem

A few of these are explained below.


The rate at which a city is developed. Some cities experience rapid urbanisation while others stay in a phase of minimal urbanisation. Rapid urbanisation is often caused by military or economic developments. Some cities emerge from the urbanisation process as 'megaregions', where other cities are reduced to peripheral zones.


The existing infrastructure (roads, electricity, water, sewerage, schools) in a city should be kept up to date. Otherwise, a city can lose its livability. If there are no roads in a city, then people will not be able to reach the other areas. Similarly, if there is no power connection, people will be unable to power their homes and businesses. And so on.


A city's economy is the major determinant of its livability. Its livability is directly related to its economy. The economy of a city will determine its transport facilities, safety, environment, services, amenities, services, and amenities.


A city's ecosystem can be either mangrove or forest areas. The ecosystem is also determined by the types of vegetation present. If the vegetation is forest, there are provisions for riding bicycles and running cars. The quality of water and electricity is also directly related to the nature of vegetation in the city.


Security for a city is directly related to how easy it is for people to move from one area to other areas within the city, and for people to get to work, school, friend or the hospital. Security for a city is directly related to how easy it is for people to move from one area to other areas within the city, and for people to get to work, school, friend or the hospital.

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