Jul 20, 2021

Essay: The Migrant Boat Disaster - Is It Human Error Or Nature's Revenge?

775 Words Essay:

The Ebola crisis in West Africa raised awareness about a disease that kills an average of about 3,500 a day, according to the World Health Organization.

The United Nations estimates it will have a global impact of about $1.5 billion when it is over.

Forced Migration by land, sea, and air

Essay: The Migrant Boat Disaster - Is It Human Error Or Nature's Revenge?

By now it should be obvious what's up, but it bears repeating: Millions of people around the world are being chased by the military; even the US is sending soldiers, drones, and troops to protect their water supply. We can't forget those who are being forcibly relocated to make way for this, and that and the other.

China's forced migration:

China's forced migration of rural populations to cities is well documented. In China, more than 15 million people are moving from rural areas to cities.

Han Chinese migrants

This includes Han Chinese migrants (people of Chinese ethnicity), plus Tibetans (people of Tibetan ethnicity) and Uyghur/Tajiks (people of Arabic/Persian ethnicity). Their future communities are being forced into cities with little regard to who they are moving to.

Forced Migration by sea:

barbara zandoval

In the Indian Ocean region, at least 3 million Rohingya Muslims in Bangladesh are being forced into overcrowded displacement camps, with the Bangladeshi government and the international community providing no solutions other than time to figure out what to do with them.

The number of Rohingya is expected to grow as winter sets in and the cyclone season gets underway.

Bangladeshi government

In Bangladesh, the Pakistani military and paramilitary forces are being used to help the Bangladeshi government prevent Rohingya from reaching India by sea.

In India, some of the same forces are being called in to prevent the movement of Rohingya by sea out of the northeast.

World have little concern about potential food crisis:

The World Food Program says it is concerned about a potential food crisis in Africa. It is concerning because there is a chance that as much as 80 percent of the cereal crops could be wiped out this season due to cyclone season.

Massive starvation Problem:

starvation in kenya

This could lead to massive starvation in several countries, including Uganda and Kenya, both of which have suffered years of starvation.

The humanitarian crisis in Kenya:

In Kenya, there is already a humanitarian crisis, with food parcels being distributed to some of the most seriously malnourished people in the country.

An initiative of The United Nation:

The United Nations have offered $400 million to the international community to deal with the crisis. This is just for this season and the appeal has been extended for another year.

Forced Migration by air

In Europe, there are already reports that there will be a shortage of refugees this year, because of a lack of resources.

Greece plan:

Greece is planning to stop all flights from Turkey for at least three weeks due to the crisis and the plan is being discussed by the authorities in the country.

Effect on Turkey and Syria Flight:

kerynia turkey

Turkey has agreed to suspend all flights from Syria and Iraq for three weeks as well as Libya for three weeks, as part of a deal to stop migrants reaching Greece. France has suspended flights to Turkey for three days in a bid to stop migrants from reaching Greece.

Air traffic Suspension:

It is feared that Egypt will close its airspace to any more migrants. Air traffic has been suspended to Kos after a two-day journey in a rubber dinghy and some 10,000 migrants are stranded on the island after their ship broke down en route to Europe.

Plan of UK government:

The UK government is considering financial incentives to encourage countries in North Africa to share the burden of migrants. The UN refugee agency, UNHCR, has appealed for $3.4 billion to cope with the influx.

Meanwhile, in Libya, the Libyan navy has said they will allow no more boats to set sail, as their air force destroyed more than 200 in the sea.

Libyan authorities' view:

The Libyan authorities have accused Turkey of being responsible for smuggling migrants. In Istanbul, the Turkish authorities have arrested a group of smugglers who were allegedly transporting migrants through the Aegean Sea.

The migrants will be brought to Turkey and those captured could face criminal charges including membership of a terrorist organisation and human trafficking.

Turkey's Struggle:

Turkey is already struggling to cope with a recent surge in migrants, with more than 4,300 migrants drowning in the waters this year.

Migrants are not the only casualties of the Aegean Sea. Several sharks have also been blamed, although with no evidence, perhaps it is an act, a warning, or simply nature's revenge.

As with many migrant tragedies over recent years, no one really knows what will happen.


One thing is sure, we cannot continue letting the situation deteriorate the way we are doing. If we don't act now, we will face a humanitarian crisis of epic proportions. We need to act now to prevent a repeat of the tragedy of last year.

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