Jul 18, 2021

More people becoming overweight- Ban on fast food IELTS Essay

1500 words Essay:

Why more people are becoming overweight by eating fast food?

It is because the food is loaded with fat and calories. Most people don't eat lunch at home, so they choose to drive out there to get something to eat.

But that something is loaded with fat. So why are they not still gaining more weight? Because if they do get something to eat there are kids in the car, and they are bound to overeat. So the problem here is children. So what to do?

Children are to be taught about good food habits:

More people becoming overweight- Ban on fast food IELTS Essay

First, you should start by teaching children healthy food choices. It is important to say the truth about fat in food. Fat in food is used by the body. To maintain blood sugar levels. To get ready energy. Not for muscle building. So try to eliminate junk food from the diets of your children.

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But even if you don't have fat in junk food, there are still fats in the foods that you are providing.

Make a Note:

First of all, get rid of all foods that are labeled "fat-free." The label should actually say "low fat" or "fat reduced." As your children get older, you should gradually introduce them to new foods that are healthy and fat-free. In fact, you should get a gram scale to keep track of your fat intake.

Then how to get a gram scale?

Get one.

The gram scale is used in measuring servings of foods that are not actually gram weights. It is a measuring spoon that you use to measure a tablespoon or even a little cup or cupful or cup. But if you use a gram scale for the first few weeks, you can gradually increase your daily serving sizes to make sure your children understand the difference between small and large serving sizes. And you can start by placing the spoon in your children's reach in the kitchen.

The spoon can be placed in your child's reach in the kitchen, in the pantry or on the kitchen table.

And you can even place the spoon in the sink. If you are using the sink, you can wash the spoon after every use so it will last longer. But even if you do not wash the spoon, it will still last longer than plastic utensils.

The spoon can be used for a variety of foods. Here are some ideas for using the spoon for a healthy meal.

Raw Vegetable matters:

* Serve vegetables with the meal. The serving sizes are pretty much the same for vegetables, as you can see from the label. Vegetables are a good source of fiber and contain fewer calories than meats. You can use the spoon to measure a tablespoon. The spoon is also used to cut up vegetables as well as add the raw vegetables to the meal.

The spoon is also used for other preparations such as salad dressing, sauces and marinades. It is a useful tool that helps a chef to accurately measure the final product.

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Why fast food should be banned? Give reason.

It's easier, and perhaps more reasonable, to suggest this ban be a law, with specific reasons why it is necessary. If this were to happen, it might also be possible to have a detailed "list" of those reasons. This list would be available for public scrutiny, and anyone in charge of a government could make the facts so the reasons for the fast food ban could be amended.

Why banning fast food should happen in a hurry is unclear.

A lot depends on the speed of a possible ban, and the speed with which a law could be passed and implemented. A ban would still be necessary, in time for people to change their eating habits, and in kind.

Several reasons for banning:

There are several reasons for fast food ban have been suggested, usually involving obesity and the dangers of fast food. This seems to be not enough for an entire generation to make the switch to a healthier diet.

Don't ignore a small parameter:

There are other issues, such as convenience and the environment, but these two have been ignored.

Answering the questions

"Why fast food should be banned?" and "How fast would the fast-food ban be?" is not the answer, but it's a step in the right direction.

The banning of fast food could happen in a week, or it could be decades in the future, but it would happen. But in the meantime, a lot of people should begin a fast food ban, even if it is just for a week or two, or even just by substituting them with healthier foods.

As fast-food companies might not be able to afford to be left at a loss, and as government regulations regarding food standards would have to reflect this, they will follow suit. The reason is simple.

It is a matter of making money. But it is a false economy to just outlaw fast food, as it is the nutritional content that makes fast food special and appealing.

It is the taste, the texture, the smell, the taste that makes fast food a popular choice of fast food. Banning fast food would take away that appeal, even more than the money that could be made by adding less healthy food. Even a week or two of a fast-food ban would not change this.

To answer the question why fast food ban? Because it is convenient. If fast food was so unhealthy, why do many people prefer to eat it when they are in a fast food restaurant? Answer the question.

Eat some fatty food sometimes:

It is convenient and also tasty, and they would rather eat something that they know is bad for them, than not have it at all. And in most cases, fast food is a healthy choice, which shows that people also know that fast food is unhealthy. And when people learn that it is unhealthy, they would rather have something that is healthy.

But in most cases it is not so easy to avoid fast food. There are people who do not have enough willpower, and some situations cannot be avoided. So fast food would be eaten even when people know that it is bad for them, and in such cases fast food bans are necessary.

In most cases, fast-food bans would mean that people need to replace fast food with something healthy or else suffer the consequences. It is a self-fulfilling prophecy because people replace fast food with something unhealthy, which means that ban means a ban.

Healthy Fast Food Ban -

The reason why fast food is unhealthy is that most fast food is fried foods.

Fast food ban meaning:

A fast-food ban would mean that people need to replace fast food with something healthier. One of the unhealthy options for fast food is fried food. And people want to avoid fried food, so they go for healthier fast food. But the question is, do people go for healthier fast food in most cases? The answer is no.

Unhealthy fast food is Everywhere:

Because unhealthy fast food is everywhere, and people are afraid of the unhealthy option, so they prefer to have the healthier fast food, and in most cases, this healthier fast food is more unhealthy than the unhealthy fast food that they do not want.

Fast food ban is a need:

Hence the healthy fast food ban is needed, but a healthier fast food ban is not really needed, because, with the plethora of unhealthy fast food that is available, it is impossible to avoid it.

Fast Food Ban -

Another reason for a fast-food ban is that people, usual teenagers, are afraid of the amount of fast food they consume on a typical day. It is very difficult to avoid the fast food that is offered at schools and work.

Some of the healthier options:

In such cases, people need to have a fast-food ban that helps them to replace fast food with something healthier. Some of the healthier options for fast food are pizza and other such fast food.

But there is no rule that says that the healthier option should be replaced by the unhealthy one, and with the prevalence of unhealthy fast food that is available, it is best to have a healthy fast food ban. Hence the healthier fast food ban is necessary.

Healthy Fast Food Ban -

The purpose of the healthy fast food ban is to provide people a better option in replacing fast food with something healthier. One of the ways of doing this is by providing people with healthier fast food. So far so good, so now what? There is nothing wrong with the healthy fast food that is available.

Fast food is very ubiquitous:

But the problem lies in the fact that fast food is very ubiquitous in this day and age, and that is why a healthy fast food ban is necessary. There is nothing wrong with fast food because in most cases, fast food is healthy and in most cases, healthy food is fast food. Therefore, a healthy fast food ban needs to be found.

Healthier fast food option

A healthier fast food option is something that comes from prepared food. For instance, prepared food like sandwiches, salads, homemade cakes, cereals, snacks, cookies, pies, or pasta made with whole wheat flour can be a healthier option than McDonald's and Burger King burgers. Another option is to travel. This is because people are more educated about the health benefits of traveling.

A healthy fast food ban is necessary so that people don't end up with obesity and diabetes. Studies show that people who have a healthy fast food ban have a much better chance of keeping their body in the best shape possible. They are less likely to end up with problems of the heart, and they are also less likely to end up with problems of the brain.

Sleep For Better Health

We could get stuck trying to find the exact formula we need to calculate a calorie count.

The good news:

The good news is that there are a lot of choices in this field. These recipes can vary the number of calories, fat, protein, or carbohydrates, all of which can have a positive or negative effect on our total intake.

The one thing to remember is that you should select a diet that can give you the results that you need. Even though you may get it easier, its still best to get some advice from a professional so that you can have the right plan made for you.

Even though these foods will have a positive effect on your nutritional intake, they are still not a miracle cure. No matter how you look at it, getting plenty of quality sleep is the most important thing for making sure that you do not feel tired all the time.

In fact, the best way to get good sleep is to get between 7 and 9 hours a day. This is because sleep deprivation will only result in feeling sluggish and having a harder time concentrating. This could also result in over-eating and increase the likelihood of being prone to disease. Sleep hygiene is just as important as good nutritional intake. It will keep your immune system healthier.

Here are some dietary choices that have a good effect on the nutrients you will get:

* Some nuts and seeds are rich in monounsaturated fats. These prevent cholesterol buildup in the blood vessels and decrease the risk of heart disease. This is why you should consider eating these during your diet.

* Chicken and fish are rich in omega 3 fatty acids that protect the body against arthritis.

* Dairy products such as milk and yogurt are rich in calcium. It promotes blood circulation and helps to prevent osteoporosis.

* Whole grains are a good source of fiber that relaxes the digestive tract.

Effective on the Nutrients:

These foods are not only effective on the nutrients you get from the diet but are also helpful for sleep. Getting a good night's sleep will have a very positive effect on your physical and mental well-being. So make sure to make sure you get a good night's sleep and it will have a positive effect on your health.

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