Jul 16, 2021

Homemade Security System: Energy Saving Tips


Home security system can be bought from the market. It can also be made at home. Electrical security is a good security system for your home. It also can be used in public areas such as at the mall. Remember, you don't have to make this plan for yourself.

There are various type of home Security system:

There are many people who are buying this type of system for others. It can be purchased in different packages. You can buy it in plans and instructions, or in one manual with many versions for different sizes of systems.

Advantage of Home made Security system:

Homemade Security System: Energy Saving Tips

When you will buy it in different packages, it's more expensive, but the benefit is greater because you have a larger list of people you can watch. Another benefit of purchasing this product, is that it will save your money. This means less on shipping and handling fees. You may also save money by purchasing this product before someone else does during favourable offer time.

To make your own security system, you will need an electrical panel, switches, motion detector, battery holder, and a label maker. For the panel, you need an LPS, an outlet board, and a door lock plate. You will need four pieces to make your own Homemade Security System.

1. Electrical panel (LPS)

2. Switch

3. Motion detector

4. Door lock plate

1. Electrical panel or LPS

Electrical panel at amazon

This is the most difficult piece to make. To make this piece, you need to solder four wires to a bread board. You can use any metal strip that can withstand electricity. You will need to connect the positive and negative wires of the LP system. There is a negative and positive pad. When you connect the positive, negative, and ground, a red led should light up.

2. Switch

This switch is the switch to connect the positive and negative wires of the LP system.

3. Motion detector

motion detector sensor

This sensor detects when a door is opened and turns on the led. The led lights up when a door is opened.

4. Door lock plate

The door lock plate is attached to the switch and switches off the lights and motion detector. This plate must be placed where the door could open. It is made of a metal plate with a set of holes. The holes are drilled at a 45-degree angle.

Your homemade security system will not only be good for your home but will be good for the environment.

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