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REPUBLIC DAY OF INDIA Essay for Competitors

By Dabloo Munda : The Republic Day of India commemorates the date on which the Constitution of India came into force replacing the Government of India Act 1935 as the governing document of India on 26 January 1950.
The 26th of January was chosen to honor the memory of the declaration of independence of 1930. It is one of the three national holidays in India. While the main parade takes place in the national capital New Delhi at the Rajpath before the president, the anniversary is also celebrated with varying degrees of formality in state capitals and other centres.
Although India obtained its independence on 15 August 1947, it did not yet have a permanent constitution; instead, its laws were based on the modified colonial Government of India Act 1935, and the country was a Dominion, with George VI as head of state and Earl Mountbatten as Governor General. On 28 August 1947, the Drafting Committee was appointed to draft a permanent constitution, with Bhimrao Ramji Ambedkar as chairman.…

Autobiography of Pen Essay for School Class 1 to 7

 By Akbar:
Writing Autobiography of a pen essay. One thing you have to realise that you have to imagine yourself as a pen. Now what someone do with pen ,just explain those. Read below.
I stood in the darkest corner of his  room, alone, with no one to talk to or even write to. And there he was with his new friend, unaware of my dejected feelings and hopeless state. But I have never imagined life like it.

I was a pen, blue and shiny but had always written in natural black. I was the gift from his dad on his fourteenth birthday. He used to be fond of me and used to take me everywhere, through people, places and events . I had travelled so much, through pages and pages of the feelings that lay inside his, through his writing. He used to call me his “Lucky Pen”.
But one day, I remember his writing  ,writing harsh on the roughest paper I had experienced. He was crying and I could feel his tears on me. It was sad to know that He had lost his dad because I knew she loved him the most. But then, t…

Science in everyday life Essay

Science has affected our daily living system at larger scale. Or it can be said that it has penetarated our life fully. We are limbless without it. In todays time life can not be imagined without science. Roti , Kapada aur Makan has become Roti , Kapda , Makan and Moblie. So here one scientific product has been attached to our need. So science is not optional , but has turned compulsery.
If you think science doesn't matter  to you, think again. Science affects us all, every day of the year, from the moment we wake up, all day long, and through the night.

Digital alarm clock,
 the weather report,
Cell phone,
 The medicines,
The clean water ,
 and the light that you turn off at the end of the day have all been brought to you courtesy of science. The modern world would not be modern at all without the understandings and technology enabled by science. Scientific knowledge can improve the quality of life at many different levels — from the routine workings of our everyday lives to global issu…

Autobiography of Dalai Lama Essay | School essay | Class 2, 3

Dali Lama is a high lama in the "Yellow Hat". Branch of Tibetan Budhism. The name is a combination of the Mongollian word Dalai meaning "ocean. and bla-ma (with a silent "b") meaning "teacher". The Tibetan word "Lama" correspond precisely to the better known sanskrit word "guru".

In religious term, the Dalai Lama is believed by his devotees. To be the rebirth of a long line tulkus; who are considered to be manifestation of the bodhisatwa of compassion, Avalokitesvara. The line of Dali Lamas began as a lineage of spiritual teacher; the 5th Dalai Lama assumed political authority over Tibet. For Certain periods of time between the 17th century and 1959 , the Dalai Lamas sometimes directed the Tibetan government, which administered portions of Tibet from Lhasa.

The 14th Dalai Lama remains the head of state for the central Tebet administration (" Tibetan government in exile.") . Untill his retirement on March 14, 2011. He has i…

Education and social reform of Jawaharlal Nehru Part4

By Rajat Jawaharlal Nehru was a passionate advocate of education for India's children and youth, believing it essential for India's future progress. His government oversaw the establishment of many institutions of higher learning, including the All India Institute of Medical Sciences, the Indian Institutes of Technology , the Indian Institutes of Management and the National Institutes of Technology. Nehru also outlined a commitment in his five-year plans to guarantee free and compulsory primary education to all of India's children. For this purpose, Nehru oversaw the creation of mass village enrollment programmes and the construction of thousands of schools. Nehru also launched initiatives such as the provision of free milk and meals to children in order to fight malnutrition. Adult education centres, vocational and technical schools were also organised for adults, especially in the rural areas.
Under Nehru, the Indian Parliament enacted many changes to Hindu law to criminal…

Nehru's study in Teen Murti Bhavan.Part3-By Rajat

By Rajat Nehru presided over the introduction of a modified, Indian version of state planning and control over the economy. Creating the Planning commission of India, Nehru drew up the first Five-Year Plan in 1951, which charted the government's investments in industries and agriculture. Increasing business and income taxes, Nehru envisaged a mixed economy in which the government would manage strategic industries such as mining, electricity and heavy industries, serving public interest and a check to private enterprise. Nehru pursued land redistribution and launched programmes to build irrigation canals, dams and spread the use of fertilizers to increase agricultural production. He also pioneered a series of community development programs aimed at spreading diverse cottage industries and increasing efficiency into rural India. While encouraging the construction of large dams (which Nehru called the "new temples of India"), irrigation works and the generation of hydroelec…

Jawaharlal Nehru at Harrow, where he was also known as Joe Nehru Part 2.-By Rajat

By Rajat:
Jawaharlal Nehru was born to Motilal Nehru (1861–1931) and Swaroop Rani (1863–1954) in a Kashmiri Pandit family in Allahabad, Uttar Pradesh. He was educated in India and Britain. In England, he attended the independent boy's school, Harrow and Trinity College, Cambridge. During his time in Britain, Nehru was also known as Joe Nehru.
On 7 February 1916, Nehru married sixteen year old Kamala Kaul. In the first year of the marriage, Kamala gave birth to their only child, Indira Priyadarshini. Much modern speculation has revolved around whether, during the final days of the British in India, Nehru and Edwina Mountbatten, the wife of Louis Mountbatten, the last Viceroy of India, were romantically involved.
Life and career
Nehru raised the flag of independent India in New Delhi on 15 August 1947, the day India gained Independence. Nehru's appreciation of the virtues of parliamentary democracy, secularism and liberalism, coupled with his concerns for the poor and underprivilege…

Essay on Jawaharlal Nehru Part1

By Rajat
Jawaharlal Nehru ( i/dʒəʋaːɦərˈlaːl ˈneːɦru/; Hindi: जवाहरलाल नेहरू, Urdu: جواهر لال نهرو 14 November 1889 – 27 May 1964[4]) often referred to affectionately as 'Pandit-ji', was an Indian statesman who was the first and longest-serving Prime Minister of India (1947–1964). One of the leading figures in the Indian independence movement, Nehru was elected by the Indian National Congress to assume office as independent India's first Prime Minister, and re-elected when the Congress Party won India's first general election in 1952. As one of the founders of the Non-Aligned Movement, he was also one of the principal leaders of India’s independence movement in the 1930s and ’40s. Nehru established parliamentary government and became noted for his “neutralist” policies in foreign affairs.
The son of the wealthy barrister and politician Motilal Nehru, Jawaharlal Nehru became a leader of the left wing of the Congress when fairly young. Rising to become Congress President u…

What will you do if you find a 100 Rupee note Lying on the Road.

First of all I will see around the person around me to ask whether a question. I will ask that “ Have you lost something”. According to his answer I will judge whether this money is his or not. It is because people generally are greedy in today’s time. Therefore I will be very tricky to judge the right loser of the note. If I will not find correct loser. Then I will approach to surrounding area and leave a message of the lost thing. I will not disclose about the note to anybody. I will say it as “something”. I will also give my contact number to them. After that I will wait for at least 7 days. If I does not find loser. Then I will find most needy poor student. And I will give this hole money to him. You will ask why not I am having a part of it. My answer is that as I have not earned this money therefore it is illegal earning as per Islamic law. I can not use this money for me. If I am not finding a needy person then I will give it to a social Hope school or any social charity. This …

What will you do if your father give a 100 rupee note.

First of all if I get a 100 rupee note legally from my parent , then I will plan it according to my strategy. First of all I will make it white money according to our Islamic law of helping poor. Therefore I will give 2.5% of 100 ie Rs 2.50 to a poor needy student. After that I will save at least 40% of the rest for my future need. That means I will kep Rs 39.00 (40%x97.50) as saving. The rest 50 rupees (97.5-39=58.50) will be for my current expenditure. So it is my basic financial rule. Now I will expend this money by making a priority list of my requirement. As the money is small therefore I will use it for buying small needful things. My priority list of expenditure is : pen, pencil, scale, story book, branded chocolates, and sweets. I like having varieties of pens of different colours. So I will buy pens. As the cost of pen is around 8 rupees . Therefore the three pen will cost around Rs. 24.

Commonwealth Game Mazor Scam Essay material.

A major scam hit the Commonwealth Games on Friday with allegations being made that a substantial sum of money was transferred to a little known U.K. company from the Games Organising Committee (OC) about which the British government has raised questions.
Television channels reported that over £ 4.50 lakh were transferred through a British bank to the A M Films company, said to be a one man show and which was also receiving £ 25,000 a month.
'Times Now' quoted documents to show that the entire deal came to light when the OC asked for a VAT refund of £ 14,000 in March this year for the payments made to the British company. The channel quoted a letter of the British Revenue and Customs Department to the Indian High Commission stating that there was no written contract between the CWG and A M Films and that no tendering procedure had been followed and there was no paper work regarding the contract. The OC is reported to have made a payment of nearly £2.5 lakh for video equipment p…

Football Essay for School Class 7

Football is perhaps the most popular game in the world.It is also called saucer. Cricket is expensive game but football is not expensive but is more exciting and interesting game. Football is played between two teams in a big rectangular ground. The ground measurement and location are given with labelling. There are goal post at both ends of the ground. In general play, the goalkeepers are the only players allowed to touch the ball with their hands or arms. The field players typically use their feet to kick the ball into position.The team that scores the most goals by the end of the match wins.If the score is tied at the end of the game, either a draw is declared or the game goes into extra time or a penalty shootout.  The Laws of the Game were originally codified in England by the Football Association in 1863. Association football is governed internationally by FIFA, which organises the FIFA World Cup every four years. The international matches are of 90 minutes. This is divided into t…

Gram Panchayat Pardhan Sarpanch Essay for School Class 4

Introduction:  Our country is very large. More than 121 Crore people live in it. The Union Government looks after the country. But it can not look after all the people individually. That is why our country is divide into states, District, Block, Gram Panchayat. There are in descending orders of power. Gram Panchayat is at the bottom. So it can look after and control the need and problems of people of India. It can ask to the government on behalf of the bottom level people. It also carry out many bottom level project for the welfare of people of India. The head of the Gram Panchayat is called Pardhan, Sarpanch or Mukhiya.
Gram panchayats are local self-governments at the village or small town level in India. As of 2002 there were about 265,000 gram panchayats in India. The gram panchayat is the foundation of the Panchayat System. A gram panchayat can be set up in villages with minimum population of 300. Sometimes two or more villages are clubbed together to form group-gram panchayat whe…

Essay on Lion In Hindi | Paraghraph on Lion | Class 1 ICSE School

बाघ हमारा रास्ट्रीय पशु है !
पशुओ में बाघ सबसे हिंसक और बलवान है !
 बाघ का रंग पीला होता है !
और उसपर काली धारियां होती है !
इसके चार पैर दो कान , एक पूछ और दो बड़ी आँखे होती हैं !
 इनके पैरों में नुकीले नाखून होते हैं !
 वनों और जलाशयों के आस पास इनका वास होता है!
बाघ दिन के समय में पेड़ो की छाया में सोते हैं.!
 और रात में शिकार करते हैं! बाघ का प्रिय भोजन मांस है !
 यह गाय भैंस और अन्य वन्य प्रडियों का शिकार करते हैं !
भारत के प्रायः सभी राज्यों में बाघ देखे जा सकते हैं!
 मैंने चिड़िया घर में बाघ देखा है !

Gadget Essay Hints Review Akash Reliance and mazic tablets.

If you are thinking to write about tablet or Gadget essay. Then these data will serv you better to know the product idea. Many of us are very crazy to buy Akash Tablet. As it is very cheap therefore it has become the favourite of the users who can not afford much costly tablets. It is a great product at this price no doubt about this. But if you are a profeshional user like engineers then there is few barrier in buying Akash tablet. What are the parameters which are very important to know for buying these prosucts. Many of us have great interest to see the video of Akash tablet. Here it is showing all round features of Akash tablet in this video. Wath this video here.

So here it is.
First of all comes Speed, screen area, touch sensability, 3G ,keypad, battery Ah. These are very important parameters for product quality of a tablet. In these parameters Akash has only one positive thing that is screen area . Mind it . I am reviewing it for profesionals here. All other above parameters a…

Patriotism Essay School Essay

Patriot means person devoted to and ready to defend his or her country. The word patriotism is from Greek word "patris" means fatherland.
Patriotism signifies a person's love office motherland the country which he leaves in. This is the noble virtue because one's native land is more glorious than heaven itself.
Patriots have noble duties to their motherland. They should place it above everything else in the world. The country's well-being and prosperity are patriot's sole desire and intention. The patriots of a country work hard and whole heartily to materialise these goals and objectives. They should be very dutifully, democratic and honest in their own life. They should feel for the compatriots. They should understand that other's prosperity is their own prosperity. A true patriot will also be very critical in spirit. He must criticise the country's policies if they are really detrimental to its interests. The Patriots should not be selfish and self-c…

Aakash table Details Specification Know How

The Aakash is an Android tablet computer jointly developed by the London-based company DataWind with the Indian Institute of Technology Rajasthan. It is manufactured by the India-based company Quad, at a new production centre in Hyderabad — under a trial run of 100,000 units. The tablet was officially launched as the Aakash in New Delhi on Oct 5, 2011. A substantially upgraded second generation model called UbiSlate 7+ is projected for manufacture beginning in early 2012.
The 7-inch touch screen tablet features 256 MB RAM memory, uses an ARM 11 processor with the Android 2.3 operating system, has two universal serial bus (USB) ports and delivers high definition (HD) quality video. For applications, the Aakash will have access to Getjar, an independent market, rather than the Android Market.
As a multi-media platform, the Aakash project was beset by delays and setbacks. The device was developed as part of the country's aim to link 25,000 colleges and 400 universities in an e-learni…

Commonwealth Game Scam: An overall view | Essay | Corruption | Controversies

Number of concerns and controversies surfaced before the 2010 Commonwealth Games in New Delhi, India, which received widespread media coverage both in India (the host nation) and internationally. The Commonwealth Games was severely criticised by several prominent Indian politicians and social activists because billions of dollars have been spent on the sporting event despite the fact that India has one of the world's largest concentration of poor people. Additionally, several other problems related to the 2010 Commonwealth Games have been highlighted by Indian investigative agencies and media outlets; these include — serious corruption by officials of the Games' Organising Committee, delays in the construction of main Games' venues, infrastructural compromise, possibility of a terrorist attack, and exceptionally poor ticket sales before the event. Scam of Massive Proportions :
The commonwealth games 2010 scam was waiting to happen. But the proportion couldn't be guessed e…

Lokpal Bill Essay update Jan 1, 2012

1 January 2012. At a time when his government was going through a series of troubles, Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, in his New Year message to the nation, on Saturday admitted that it was “unfortunate” that the Lokpal Bill couldn’t be passed in the Rajya Sabha. However, he said, the UPA government was “committed to the enactment of an effective Lok Pal Act”.
Singh, who had a tough time politically in 2011, departed from the perfunctory New Year messages that Prime Ministers make and came out with a 3145-word political statement. The UPA-2, which took office in 2009, has hurtled from one corruption crisis to another. During the period, Singh has come under sharp attack over poor governance while some of his former colleagues are languishing in jail.
“We also need reforms in systems of government which would increase transparency and minimise discretion so that the scope of misgovernance is reduced,” he said, emphasising that he will personally “work to provide an honest …