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Dec 31, 2013

New Year Quotes Wishes Messages 2015

We all have silent strength in us .We fail because of our ignorance abut that .
Winners ride on their strength .
Losers seldom believe on that.
Optimists only make resolutions.
Champions execute the made resolutions.
So let us redecorate our belief and confidence in 2015 to achieve our aspirations.
Wishing Happy New Year 2015 to you all your family members.

Avenues and scopes are unlimited.
Our thoughts are very limited.
Let us explore the hidden gems of 2015.
Wishing Happy New Year 2015 to you all your family members.
Wish this year brings immense happiness and prosperity.
Fills your home with fresh joy and spirit.
Happy New Year 2015

The year 2013 -India
Will be known to us for:
Lokpal and lokayukt bill
Retirement of master blaster.
End of great film maker Yes Chopra.
Road shows of Kejriwal.
Natural cloudburst and calamities of Utterakhand.
Record success of Samsung Galaxy.
Huge success Android OS.
End of Madiba (Nelson Mandela).
Mischief of Asharam Bapu.
PM Candidature of Narendra Modi.

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Dec 27, 2013

Rise in Prices in India For Class 5

Rise in food prices in India has become a big concern for protecting the lives of low income groups. If anyone ask me - "what are the Problems in India?". I think  rise in food price  and food scarcity rank on top of all the major issues. It is because human lives directly depends on food. Food insufficiency always knee-downed the economic stature of India. Large section of low working class people live with uncertainty of not getting daily job.
Thus their daily meals always remain on threat. This panic kills these workers throughout their lives. In addition to this difficulties, rise in food price proves deadly slaughter for these people. It is not a light issue. If the right national level strategy is not adopted then these section of the citizen will deviate from the main stream and that will be a giant danger for the peace, security and harmony. It is to be noted that burning stomach pushes normal behaving person towards animal thinking.

Reason of Food price rise -

Price rise depends upon the failure of a
crop. For example less production of onion
has shaken the congress government of India in late 2013. Nothing can be done with this type of natural imbalance and uncontrolled rain and draught. However inflation can be controlled at certain extent. But It has been noticed that it also passed the tolerable limit many times in the past.
Watch inflation record of India in the past period of time.

History of rise in price( inflation) in Indian -

History of rise in price( inflation) in Indian -In the 62 years since 1950-51 average annual inflation rate as measured by changes in the wholesale price index (WPI) increased at a rate of around 7 per cent per annum. Which is not much high in comparison to global inflation record. Around 3 percent inflation is healthy for healthy economy. So it is hard to judge the tolerable inflation rate.  The reasonable and acceptable range of inflation rate in India lies between 3-7 per cent.

Solution for controlling rise in price:

 *Inflation should be control with financial tools and  by implementing stringent law.
*Food chain must be regulated fully by the government.  The food stocks in cold storage must be made transparent with the help of computerisation.
*The daily vegetable prices must be declared everyday on a government web portal for all including producers , middlemen and end users.
*It is the right time again to adopt strong strategy for green revolution in the five year plan. Planning Commission must make a strong plan to execute the green revolution with the help of hi tech tools and technology to make the transparent vision from top to village level.
* Futures market trading for edible goods must be stopped or to be restructured.
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Dec 23, 2013

A letter to The Editor Against the Irregular Supply of Water

Importance of water is much more for all living things. Many people now a days are facing water issues in various part of the many countries. This is a very important issue to draw attention of people, media and  government. So let us read this sample letter.
Q. Write a letter to the editor of a daily newspaper against the irregular supply of water in your town.
19th Dec 2013.
The editor,
The Statesman,
Chaurangi Square,
Kolkata -7 0 0 0 0 1.

Dear Sir,
I  beg to draw your attention towards irregular supply of water in our town for several weeks.
The people living in our town are not getting sufficient water for many days. Also they are unable to get clean drinking water. The supply of water is being stopped for a week. During this situation we are starving  for water. We are also facing tough situation for washing, cleaning, cooking, bathing etc. These are common activities in every house. Some times contaminated water has been noticed in the supplied water. Also for not getting clean drinking water, many people in our town are suffering from water-born diseases like Jaundice,  diarrhea etc. During summer season the condition becomes worse with the least supply of water. Scarce supply of water in summer throw us in a big panic. Many times some people fall in unwanted querral and have gotten severe injury while fighting with each other for water. On behalf of the town, I therefore, request you to highlight this burning problem of our town on your Editorial page.
I shall be highly obliged.
Yours faithfully,
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Dec 22, 2013

7 Essays on Health is Wealth

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Dec 19, 2013

Story Book Characters I would like to meet Essay

By Anusa : 534 Words : For Grade 4:
Reading book is in my habit. I read books of good story to learn, imagine and explore my creative thinking beyond the limitation of unexplored feelings of human beings. Sometimes few story characters make a print on my mind. Out of those important characters, one story character "Popstar Keira" ( Barbie in the princess and the popstar story) influenced me up to the bottom of my hearty feeling. Let us watch images of Barbie in the princess and the popstar-click
The story  which contains the more events and activities about a character sometimes become the hit character of the story. And it's main role draw the attention of the reader at greater scale. So it compels the readers to discuss about the story's moral fibre among their friend circle. And sometime compels to write our feelings  about the main persona. So here is the my feelings about my favourite character to which I would like to meet.
Barbie in the princess and the popstar is my favourite story book character. Barbie in the princess and the popstar is a 2012 American Comedy Fantasy animated film produced by Rainmaker Animation and Universal Studios Home Animation. The movie is focussed on Tori,the princess of magical kingdom Meribella Keira, the world famous singer and of two younger sisters of the young queen Tori. The film is based on the movie Barbie in the Prince and The Pauper. The princess and the popstar have a magical secret that lets them look alike. My favourite story book character is Popstar Keira. She is a calm type of girl imagining to live like a princess. I like her songs collection especially, the song "Here I Am" which tells about her life. It tells that how she got to be a popstar from her childhood. This song also inspires me a lot to do something great. She is a great character for me. Another thing I like the magical microphone of Keira which she use to change her outfits, hairstyles and shoes. She only says the dress or outfit number and the dress changes within fraction of seconds with the microphone. If that microphone would with me then I used to change my dress, update with any hairstyles and especially the shoes. It would be just like a magic for me. Keira also had a pet animal with her named Riff, a cute lovely dog which loves Keira very much. I love the black patches on that doggy and also he is a cute animal. Also Keira is a smart, beautiful, brave and helpful girl.
All these are only imagined by a person who have a great interest in this subject. Keira is a imagined character by Zeke Norton, director of the movie and story book writer. I love this character because of her personalities and want to have a dream meeting with her. I am producing below;  what I liked in the story book and the movie.
"Here I am, being who I want
Giving what I got
Never a doubt now
Here I go burning like a spark
Light up the dark again..."
Dear readers you can read free books online.
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Dec 15, 2013

Letter to the Editor about importance of good manners

This letter will reminds everybody regarding good manners for kids and works as alarm to learn the importance of etiquette for children. Remember that teaching two good words "please" and "thank you" is the starter mantras of  good manners for children.

Question: Write a letter to the editor stressing on the importance of good manners in our day to day life.
The editor
The statesman
Chouranghee Square

Dear Sir,
l take the liberty to put your attention on the importance of good manners in day to day life.
It is becoming necessary for people to give importance to good manners. Many people in our society still talk rudely. They have no manners to talk with others. A sense of politeness have been erased from their conscience. Especially children are required to know and practice good manners, because now a days many children do not respect their elders. In school some children never pay attention to their teachers in the class. That is the result why some children are unable to score good marks in the examination. We must also behave nicely with our friends.  Everything including politics, country's rules or school norms,  it's administration and its following, should undergo under a coherent environment of good manners. If we do not keep a good relation with others no one will help us in our problems. Individuality is increasing and integrity is deteriorating; which is becoming detrimental for the growth of our nation. We must check it. Political leaders are overtly misbehaving other leaders and showcasing bad manners thereby sending wrong message for baddness of good manners.
Therefore    I would like to draw your attention of today's situation. You should highlight the issue at the top level for drawing attention of the mass so that good conduct and manners could be restored for the welfare of our society.
Yours faithfully,
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Dec 8, 2013

How to Calculate time of Two Places| timeclock online

To find time of a place you can use Google as online time clock, but to solve it manually go below.
Q1:If the time is 8 PM on thursday at station A(120°E ) what is the time at station B 120°W).
Solution: Difference of longitude between station A and station B =120°+120°=240°
We know,
1 degree longitude to 1 degree longitude the time difference = 4 minutes
For 240 degree longitude the time difference=240×4=960'
=960÷60=16 hours
Station B is situated at West of station A therefore time of station B will be 16 hour behind the time of station A.
That means the time of station a will be 4 AM.
Actually what we did orally is very simple. We first counted backwards 8 hours and reached at 12 noon after that again we counted 8 hours backward and we reached at 4 a m. Isn't it very simple.
Watch this video to understand clearly.

Q2. When it is 10 am in india what is the local time of tehran (51 1/2° E).
Solution: Difference of longitude between station India and Tehran =82 1/2°- 51 1/2° =31°
We know,
1 degree longitude to 1 degree longitude the time difference = 4 minutes
For 31°  longitude, the time difference=31×4=124'
=124÷60=2 hours 4 minutes
Tehran is situated at West of India therefore time of Tehran will be 2 hour 4 minutes behind the time of India.
That means the time of Tehran will be 7:56 AM. (10 - 2 hrs 4')

Q3. What is the time and date at a certain place on 30°W longitude when it is 8 AM on Tuesday at a place 110° E longitude.
Solve this . This is a test for you, whether you can solve it or not. Ok See U!
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Dec 2, 2013

How to understand World Clock Time | Geography Lessons

We know that world clock understanding is compulsory for the ship driver. But for students of class 7 and above grade, it is very important to understand the world clock system, international time zone and international date time to score high in the examination of geography paper. Many student faces problem in solving the time problems  in Geography. I will clear everything with the help of sketches  and videos.

World time zones: These are the international standard time zones which was agreed in 1884 in the International Prime Meridian Conference. The world time zone was divided into 24 standard time zones. Each zone is a zone of 15 (360÷24) degree longitude span . This was done to keep the uniformity of time at a particular time.

Let us understand this mathematics. We know that each longitude differ by 4 degree to another longitude. So for 15 degree there is difference of  60 (15×4) minutes. Therefore it is clear that each time zone ranges 1 hour in terms of time scale and 15 degree in terms of angular scale . So 24 time jones is equal to 24 hours which is the time taken by the earth to  rotates at its own axis to complete 360 degree.
Suppose you travel from Greenwich towards East for 12 hours that means 180 degrees  East  and you stand there. Another person did the same thing but he travelled towards West of the Greenwich. Both of you will meet at one point.
The trsveeled distance in time scale is 24 hours  or 360 degree in angular scale. Therefore both of you have to change the date. The person travelling from Greenwich towards East will reduce his date e.g. If he was travelling on November 24 then he has to change the date to 23.  The person who was travelling towards West; was travelling on November 22 . It is because the sun rises in the east so this man was already behind a day from the first one.  Therefore he will gain a day while crossing  the 180 degree longitude.  He will change his date from 22nd November to 23rd November .
Let us do an interesting practical.  Suppose you're in India.  And it is 8.43 AM on 3rd December 2013 . Google for real time clock for the keywords 'international time screenshot or picturewhat is time now in Los Angeles' This result will show current time as 7:15 PM in Los Angeles ( 2nd December ) as shown in this Screenshot. The longitude of Los Angeles is 118.2500° W and that of India is 78.0000° E. Therefore total longitude difference is 118.25+78=196.25; and time difference  is 785 minutes; which is about 13 Hrs difference.
Let us solve few sums of Geography. I will give the solution in video and text both. To see these sums click here. watch this video and if you have any question then feel free to ask through contact box or this form.

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