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Jan 30, 2014

Essay On A Magic Show You Enjoyed

A Magic is an art that uses spells to show mysterious things and outrageous events overtly. A Person  who practices magic shows is known as magician ( or illusionist ) . In ancient time there were prevalence of institutions to learn magic and to teach magic. There are available magic book, but magic crazy people are less in today's time.
Magic is usually done by tricks. Recently with my family I went to see a magic show of world famous magician PC Sarkar ( junior).
My father bought four tickets for us. It was of 3 to 4 hours show. Various Ticket classes  and its tickets rate were as given below:
Member - Rs.  100
Associate member - Rs. 200
Guest- Rs. 300
V I P - Rs.  500
First we  entered the hall and took our seats. The hall was very big and beautifully decorated. I was  very much excited to see it. Because it was my first time I was about to watch a magic show. The light of the hall were switch off and the darkness spread in the hall.  Few guidelines where announced before the show. These were : no one will roam here and there while the show goes on.  It has been instructed not to eat anything during the show. All were also advised to switch of mobile. And everybody advised to keep silence. And they also warned not to make video.
The show started with a leser show with charming bollywood songs and frills.  Each event was an innovative glimpse of happiness for me because it was my first magic show of my life. The first magic shown by the magician was of writing on blackboard without seeing it. He surprised everyone by writing the formula of (a+b+c)^2🐍   with closed eye. The formula questions were written on the board. The magician write the right hand side part with closed eye.
Next he balanced the girl on the tip of the sword. I was shocked to see it that how he is balancing the girl . The third was very risky magic because the magician was going to cut himself into two pieces. It was awesome magic show. I really enjoyed  the show very much.
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Jan 25, 2014

My Ambition to become a CSS officer Essay

Ambition lays out a straight goal for ambitious students and strengthens the candidate's potential by guiding him in right direction. So we must have an ambition in our life.

Having ambition to become a part of one of the prestigious service; css (Central Superior Service)  is ideal one. CSS is the most vital administrative service of Pakistan.

The css preparation needs high skill original and creative writing. The analytical skill to be strengthened. Avoid ready-mad answering. The essay writing to be practiced to write effectively. All these can be improved by reading more articles of standard newspapers and quality magazines. The more important is to acquire extensive general knowledge and intensive perfection in the selected subject. It is because knowledge is the manifestation of great writing skill. As per FPSC report, It has been noticed that in English essay many students used to write low quality content and they usually do mistakes in English Grammar.

The compulsory  subjects ( ENGLISH ESSAY, CURRENT AFFAIRS, EVERYDAY SCIENCE, PAKISTAN AFFAIRS and ISLAMIYAT ) of written test must be paid high attention. I think it is must to make a time table to maintain discipline of daily study. It is logically advisable to study at least 6 hour a day. Shortcut study to be avoided from very beginning of schooling period. Always think to understand any topic clearly. It needs in depth extensive reading. Now a days it is more easier to know about any topic with the help of Internet.  Information is not a barrier in today's time. Only determination , hard labour and perseverance to succeed can easily achieve the destiny.

Examination pattern for css examination is given below:
Written Examination,I
Medical Test,
Psychological Test; and
Viva Voce.
Eligible criteria and other conditions can be known from here.

To choose css carries it is very compulsory to know your potential and self belief. I am highlighting this because recent report 2013 of FPSC ( Federal Public Service Commission ) was very surprising. The success rate was just  2.09% ; which was 30% in 2002 . Behind this data there are certain facts also. The other reason arguably may be that the pay package of css is not lucrative , therefore talented students have less propensity toward this Service. The government should watch this and make a review about the pride of this job to make it more attractive . In India CSE examination is very lucrative and has high number of aspirants. Success rate is so high that top scorers only get chance of selection.
But aspirations for css examination are advised to come to deliver the best. It needs hard devotion and strategic time management to cover maximum course for general subjects and specialised knowledge in the main subjects.
But I also recommend students to have alternatives  as per priority list ; which is to be set at very early stage of life. It is because you must have to safeguard yourself from life-crash. 
Css is one way to serve your country directly. It is not to be valued on the basis of pays.
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Jan 21, 2014

Politeness Wins Many Battle Essay for Class 10

Politeness is a great virtue of human beings. It is an original quality mainly God gifted by birth and partly learnt from own surroundings . It is praised, loved and liked by all . Politeness creates feel good environment and brings comfort instantly . It is the first step of better cooperation to win battle. Many big issues can be solved easily and bitter relationship can be sweetened with a small input of politeness without  investment of  jealous,  irritation and mental stress. Few words like Thank you, sorry, welcome etc always add high value to our personality. But only using these words are not sufficient. There should be a good gesture, positivism and smile while dealing personal relationship. These are partly intrinsic quality of human beings and partly developed from childhood time through proper parenting. And also can be adopted even anytime in life by practicing.
I am telling one small interesting real story. Politeness is such a quality that is liked by others even if they know that it is creative and manipulative. Suppose you do hard work and do not behave your boss politely. Your rating will be very low. If another subordinate do little job and behave with his boss very politely he will be rated higher than you. It is just because of the politeness behaviour. There was a cloth shopkeeper; who use to deal with his customer by greeting them by leaning his head and half body with a smile and used to say "sir, what can i serve for you." This behaviour was completely new and odd in the market. But by applying this simple behaving technique he had lot of permanent customers. And he was regarded as smart businessman. The customers know that his polite behaviour is creative from business angle, even then large mass of customers liked him. In this way he was making difference in the business of selling same product in the same market. One day I also went at his shop and realised that he was extremely noticeable and was very much successful in his business. After giving the cloth he again used say "sir please come again . We are to serve you better in coming days with lot of your choice." Like this he has many good words to see off customers with a positive note. 

So it is better to sell your personal branding with the politeness that cost nothing but deliver much. It is a great tool to become winner in all sphere of life. 
For example you can win the eye sight of interview board by replying with politeness packed with positive disposition and winning gesture. 
But there are certain situations in your life; where politeness may be dangerous. For managing discipline at home or at school harsh attitude is needed to exhibit stern conduct for keeping law and order intact. 
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Jan 16, 2014

A complain letter to health officer about cleanliness

Write a letter of complaint to the health officer for action needed to keep your locality clean.
Self address
December 28 2013.
The health officer
XXXXX (Name of the organisation)
XXXX (City name).
May I draw your kind attention towards negligence of our municipal corporations for not solving our cleanliness related issue of   of our area ( xxxx Road ) .
We are facing this problem for many days. Last year the street was cleaned properly. But for several months it has not been cleaned during recent time. The scrappers are dispersed here and there on the road. Which looks very dirty. It is polluting our environment. Drainage system is very bad. The dirty water and sanitation water are not been drained properly. Due to this bad smell are being produced in our locality . Mosquito and flies are breeding rapidly thereby causing a big danger for malaria, dengue and other diseases. The street dust bins have not been cleaned because the cleaning staff are not doing their duty for last few months.
I therefore request you to kindly take immediate steps for the proper cleaning of our street. I shall be highly obliged.
Thanking you,
Yours faithfully
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Jan 12, 2014

Short details and Feature of the Lokpal Bill 2013

Outrageous Corruption in India overtly has given a cause to strengthen the  Lokpal system from time to time in the past 60 years in  history. But it never achieved solidarity as it attained on December 18 2013. 
Let us take a glimpse of least and most corrupt country. This is needed to know the status of our country in 177 countries of the world. Because this bill is an anti corruption measure. Also have a look of lokpal activism in images.
This bill was already passed as "Lokpal bill  2011" in December 2011 in the Lok Sabha but failed in the Rajya Sabha. After long three years discussion and debate with few amendments the bill reached at historical success in December 2013. In 2011  a long discussion occurred in Rajya Sabha that had majority of opposition parties. One great thing happened in the year 2011 that the vote for Lokpal was conducted LIVE in the Lok Sabha that put a big pressure on small and opposition Parties to get an excuse. This is the highest step taken by UPA II and will put a landmarks in coming days. The history will reward Anna Hazare,  UPAII , PM Manmohan Singh, Congress Chairperson Sonia Gandhi and Rahul Gandhi and others who had put their valuable support for  the success of the Lokpal  bill 2013  in coming days.

The bill got support from all parties except the Samajwadi party and Shiv Sena   who's member staged a walkout
 Aam Admi Party dubbed the new legislation as a "jokepal" bill. It, saying "The people of this country and the old man (Anna Hazare) who has undertaken fast several times deserve the credit.

The following are some of the features of the Lokpal at the Centre and Lokayukta in the states Lokpal at the Centre and Lokayukta in the states.

* Lokpal will consist of a chairperson and a maximum of eight members, of which 50 percent shall be judicial members
* 50 percent of the members shall be from SC/ST/OBCs, minorities and women.
* The chairperson and the members will be selected by a committee of the Prime Minister, speaker of Lok Sabha ,  the Leader of opposition in the in the Lok Sabha, the Chief Justice of India or a sitting Supreme Court judge nominated by the CJI , an eminent jurist to be nominated by the President of India on the basis of recommendations of the first four members of the selection committee.
* The Prime Minister has been brought under the purview of the Lokpal.
* The Lokpal jurisdiction will cover all categories of public servants.
* All entities receiving donations from foreign source in the context of the Foreign Contribution Regulation Act (FCRA) in excess of Rs 10 akh per year are brought under the jurisdiction of Lokpal.
* Lokpal will have power of superintendence and direction over any investigation agency including the CBI for cases referred to them by the Lokpal.
* A high-powered committee chaired by the Prime Minister will recommend selection of the director, CBI.
* A directorate of prosecution headed by a director will be put in place.
* Transfer of officers of CBI investigating cases referred by Lokpal with the approval of Lokpal.
* Property acquired by corrupt means can be attached and confiscated, even while prosecution is pending.
* A mandate for setting up of the institution of Lokayukta through enactment of law by the state legislature within a period of 365 days from the date of commencement of the act.
Resource for the features: The Telegraph 19 December.

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Jan 8, 2014

Healthy Lifestyle Essay

ltroduction: Way of behaving, leaving, walking, talking, eating, decorating, judging, valuing, expressing, managing  etc of an individual is called his lifestyle.  It  differs from person to
person. So this becomes a matter of big concern. We know few people are best managed and are more successful in 360 degree. Because these kind of people are very much strategic in controlling all life's activity from micro to macro level parameters.

 Source of various lifestyle- Many habits adopted and accepted and fixed for life becomes the lifestyle. Parents and his religion are the two most affecting sources in human lives that manifest the mood, emotion and behaviour. And these are the deciding factor for lifestyle of a human beings. Therefore healthy lifestyle injected at childhood time works great for human beings. 
Healthy lifestyle
Healthy lifestyle is one that reflects the standard habits of eating, treating and working  behaviour to protect and preserve good health  at most thereby compromising other things but not the health related materials. These kind of people does not eat everything blindly when offered. Their stomach is not a dustbin but is cared very carefully. These people maintain their body mass index (BMI) in normal range.You can know your BMI from this website. It is one big step of keeping us free from diseases. When we remain health concious then everything goes normal. It is because health is at the top in the priority lists of bigger mass of the people. What should we eat, how much  should we  eat , how much should we play or take exercise -all these become more important for us. Whenever any abnormality noticed in the body these type of people take it sereously and used to get the sufficient information from their friend circle, internet and doctors. Finally these people arrest the starting of the bigger danger at very early stage and live comfortably and complete their lifespan with peace and happiness.
Tips of maintaining healthy lifestyle:
*We must eat healthy foods in proper and required quantity. How much one should eat is very important ; that can be calculated with the help of BMR( Besal Metabolic Rate).
*We must invent to control unnecessary eating. E.g. We can substitute one biscuit eating by half and ultimately avoid it completely. 
*Whenever we remain free for a while, we should breadth deeply.
*After every two hours, we should do meditation or pray NAMAJ (for Muslim for five times in a day).
*We must walk at least 3 km @ 4 to 6 km per hour at least 4 day in a weak for fitness of our physic. Daily walking is best. This is to be judged and calculated as per your daily energy consumption level. It can be calculated also with the help of BMR.
*we should follow healthy eating habit according to food pyramid.
*We must not be obsessive to complete daily's targets, but we should execute those as per set priority to avoid unnecessary stress. 
*For most busy person only- These kind of people must tender their all daily tasks to smart phone to keep their mind relax. These smart phones are boon for these people. 
*We should always commit for "How to lose weight".
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Jan 4, 2014

Cooking Dinner with Dad Essay

By Anusa: 469 Words: I am telling about an incident that forced  me to cook food with my dad. And mind me it is amazing to learn by doing anything.  This cooking event imprinted one great tip that the best way of learning is by doing anything we choose in our task.

I am noticed myself that I have interest for watching cooking particularly meat or good vegetables. Sometimes I used to stand beside my mother and used to watch the process of cooking. Preparing food attracts me and inspire me also.
I am telling one interesting event of life. Once I and my father was caught in a problem  of such situation that we become bound for cooking. In fact it happened in  absence of my mother. The reason was that my new cousin baby sister was born . Therefore my mother had to stay with my aunt to take care and look after the baby for 12 days. I was alone with my father, but after few days l got the news from my dad that my grandfather is coming to spend few holly days with us. As my grandfather was old , we decided not to put any burden on him.  So my father and I decided to cook food together. I was feeling a little bit uncomfortable because  I was totally amateur for cooking. But one fact I didn't know that my dad can cook food. My dad trained me with short demonstration in my kitchen. He showed me the steps of using gas oven, Induction heater and Micro Oven. He also gave me very important tips of recipes preparation. Short plan is very important to start for 'what to cook'. First we made our dinner. I was feeling better as we cooked successfully without any mistake. It taught me many things of cooking, chopping, frying, deep frying, roasting etc.
My father discussed with me a about all the steps of the dinner that we prepared. I found myself very much known to cooking methods. It built a lot confidence in me. In the next morning I cooked the lunch alone under guidance of my grandfather, because my father was in his office.  This time I had tackle everything from nail to mouth. My grandfather only guided me. Ultimately I cooked two types of vegetables, rice and pulse. I felt very much Happy after doing this . My father astonished after watching my success of cooking. He told me that I became self reliant in cooking. He also advised me to go through few Youtube videos of cooking.

Few things I want to share with my friends. Make a short plan for 'what to cook' today. Get prepare for recipes before burning the oven. Be careful and aware of safety rules of kitchen. Maintain hygienic methods while cooking.
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